Roman Davydov

Roman Davydov is E-commerce Technology Observer at Itransition. With over four years of experience in the IT industry, Roman follows and analyzes digital transformation trends to guide retail businesses in making informed software buying choices when it comes to commerce and store management automation.
  • Content MarketingCMS - Content Management System Development Trends

    Custom CMS Development: 4 Content Management Trends To Consider 

    As an enterprise grows, the volume of produced content also grows, requiring new technology tools to help handle the increasing business complexity. However, Only 25% of enterprises have the right technology for managing content across their organizations. Content Marketing Institute, Content Management & Strategy Survey At Itransition, we believe that developing a custom CMS tailored to an enterprise’s needs and…

  • CRM and Data PlatformsB2B of B2C Ecommerce CRM Benefits

    How E-commerce CRM Benefits B2B and B2C Businesses

    A significant shift in customer behavior has impacted many industries in recent years, but the e-commerce sector has been hit the hardest. Digitally savvy customers have gravitated toward a personalized approach, touchless shopping experience, and multichannel interactions. These factors are pushing online retailers to adopt additional systems to assist them in managing customer relationships and ensuring a personalized experience in…


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