Google Ramping Up Authorship in Webmasters

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We keep an eye out on our clients' webmasters accounts. It's no coincidence, in my opinion, that our clients rank well as we're able to significantly identify and reduce the errors that pop up in Webmasters. Google continues to advance its algorithms beyond the tried and true games that many SEO companies played in the past. Authorship is playing a growing role in this.

By utilizing social queues on popularity, Google is advancing their pagerank algorithm and significantly improving the quality of results by not just measuring link popularity, but also social popularity and relevance. And they're taking it seriously.

Today, we received this interesting note in Webmasters. It's the first time that we've seen this… Webmasters proactively requesting that a property link their Google+ page to their Google+ account:
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This is great news and we immediately pushed our client to approve the link! There is a learn more link in the message that points to this Google Inside Search page with the following blurb:

It’s now easier than ever for people to connect with you or your business—right on Google. People can find popular and engaging Google+ profiles and pages on the right hand side of results when relevant to their search. For specific searches, such as the name of a popular band, we might show the band's Google+ page.

It appears that the result of linking the two is a fantastic sidebar that's produced on the search engine results page when your brand is searched:
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UPDATE: Our SEO analyst found another gem… details on making the connection from Google+ to Webmasters via Google+. This is getting fun!

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    So the main thing is not link building new and its important to concentrate on social media instead of promoting links which may cause negative effect instead of rank you higher.

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