Corporate Blogging for Dummies is Here!

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corporate blogging bookWe could not be more excited! This week, the first copies of Corporate Blogging for Dummies were shipped to us. I can't tell you the feeling of pride in opening the box and seeing our names in print on the front cover. Corporate Blogging for Dummies is over 400 pages of incredible information – not a stone was left unturned in our desire to write the best blogging book for corporations on the market.

The Wiley for Dummies format is a winner, especially with regard to a book like this. We suspect many who pick up a copy will already have some experience – so the book is organized so that you can flip directly to the information you need. Whether it's how to effectively use analytics, integrate with social media or protect your company legally – all the information is easy to find.

For companies with no corporate blogging strategy, you can read directly through the compelling reasons for having a corporate blog, how to choose a platform… all the way to optimizing your blog for search engines. This isn't a lightweight book on our theories – it's a hardcore explanation of how we've implemented these strategies for other customers as well as the data to support it.

Corporate Blogging has never been dead and continues to be on the rise as the center of a great social media strategy for companies. This book will set expectations for your company on resources needed as well as the goals that your company can achieve. The book is careful to explain that many corporate blogs fail – mostly because they lacked a comprehensive strategy. We look forward to hearing how this book changes your company's results!

corporate blogging picAside from the book, we've also set up a great Corporate Blogging Tips site. The site lists the best corporate blogs of major corporations, lists the corporate blogging platforms and even speaks to the differences of a corporate blog.

We've already bought and distributed a couple dozen copies of the book for bloggers we mentioned in the book as great resources – with copies going all the way to South Africa and Australia! We'll be doing a hometown book-signing at Blog Indiana – follow @BlogIndiana for some chances to win a free copy leading up the event!

We've also got a great following on Facebook (over 2,000 fans!) and Twitter! Be sure to become a fan or follower for the latest industry news from Corporate Blogging professionals. Buying the book isn't the only value (although it's a great one!)… following or signing up for our newsletter will continue to provide tips and information to you that go beyond the book.


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    There is no doubt in my mind that this book is going to be a great resource for a lot of people! Congratulations!!!!

    LOVE IT!


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