Changing Attitudes on B2B Content Marketing (with Statistics)

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The Economist Group has done quite a thorough survey and analysis of B2B attitudes and produced this infographic with the results. With each question, there’s a comparison of business veterans versus the next generation of business buyers. It’s interesting to see the significant gap between the two.

In reviewing the gaps, there are some fascinating differences

  • Business veterans find research reports more helpful by a whopping 35%!
  • Business veterans, by 26%, spend at least four hours per week perusing business content.
  • Business veterans are 25% more likely to find whitepapers more helpful.
  • Business veterans are 23% more likely to be turned off by content that sounds like a sales pitch.
  • Business veterans are 22% more likely to prefer content in the form of articles.

Perhaps not surprising, young business people favor video content (by 9%) than the average business veteran. This is even more evidence of the infinite array of customer journeys that content marketers are challenged with.

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