Leverage Call Tracking for Campaign Measurement

call tracking

Research by Google reveals that 80% of customers who visit a website regardless of whether from a computer, smart phone or tablet, would prefer a phone call rather than an email or online form as the next course of action. Similarly, 65% of smartphone users access the internet on a daily basis and 94% of them do so to research a product or service, but only 28% eventually go on to make a purchase through the same device.

What this means for marketers is that their analytics data is incomplete and leads may be attributed to branding activity rather than the investment in online marketing that they’re making. The solution to maximizing returns on the marketing dollar may lie in call-tracking that allows you to pin point the exact digital route that customers take to reach their point of sale.

There are a couple ways to implement call tracking. One simple way is to change the phone number based on the referring source of the page. We actually posted the script we developed to do this. To start, we just recommend clients get a phone number for search, one for social, and one for referring sites so that they can begin quantifying their efforts by category. The other way is to subscribe and integrate a professional service – many of which will actually log the events in your conventional analytics application.

Call-tracking services collate information from a wide range of sources, including search engine marketing, AdWords campaigns and others and link it to phone call data to trace the route a potential customer takes. This provides a wealth of information on the demographical background of the customers, including how they found out about the product or the business. With such information, targeted marketing, which would allow maximizing the returns per every dollar invested in marketing, becomes a piece of cake.

DialogTech is one such service, with integrations for Hubspot, Google Analytics, and a host of other platforms. They have quite a robust API. Other players in the market are Invoca, Century Interactive and LogMyCalls.

When a prospect calls a business, the call-tracking service collates the available data to determine whether the caller called after viewing a paid digital ad, an organic search engine listing, or from Facebook. They take analysis down to the minutest level of detail, including the specific keywords typed into a search engine, the time when the caller viewed the ad, whether the call was from a landline or mobile, and so on. That data is even ported to Analytics in some cases. That data provides a clear picture of the effectiveness of each marketing dollar invested, and allows you to fine-tune your marketing budgets and strategy accordingly.


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    Hey Doug!

    This is a nice piece and compelling argument for call tracking.  At Century Interactive, we would agree 🙂

    Quite often, marketers are not getting the credit they deserve.  The conversation between marketer and client sometimes sounds like this:

    Client: “So you drove me 20 clicks via AdWords yesterday but I know I my phone didn’t ring and I got no business.  Why am I paying you again?”

    Marketer: “Wait wait wait!  I know you received some warm leads from the clicks!  Right? I hope?”

    What if the marketer could say:

    “I delivered you 20 clicks and they came from these 4 keywords. 13 of those clicks led to phone calls AND 7 of them were big sales!  Don’t believe me?  Let’s listen to those recorded phone calls together, I’ll show you what I mean.”

    Every call tells a story that deserves to be told. 

    – Mike Haeg

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    Great blog about Call tracking and it really does have so many benefits.

    Here is a list of the benefits that I have recently put together which may help anyone reading this realise how important call tracking is to any marketer measuring their on and offline campaigns.

    Measure your marketing campaigns from click to call – realising that there is a missing link when only measuring website visits

    Visitor paths  are visable through the website identifying exact point of call

     Unique number for each unique visitor

    Track unlimited keywords

     comparing your calls against your sales to identify keywords which really generate sales

     Google™ Integration gives the ability to integrate the call data into Google Analytics™ so that the clicks can be compared to the call volumes. 

      No hardware to install, simply access the cloud based reporting system 24/7 via an online login.

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