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We’ve all been there haven’t we. Toiling away on your client’s marketing campaign, doing crazy hours and multi-tasking like the best of them. Trying your best to make sure everything is in place, so that things run as smoothly as possible when you go live. I’ve certainly been there and I’ve lost track of the amount of hours I’ve spent running around like a madman. But the thrill is a big part of why you do i because then you launch and you get to see all the hard work start to pay off.

People are engaging with your content and sharing it. Awareness of your client’s brand is increasing and all you have to do is sit back and watch that social media activity turn into website conversions. Time to open the beers.

But then, just as you’re opening your second bottle, the worst thing possible happens! Your website grinds to a halt under the strain of the traffic. At this point there’s not a lot you can do unless you’ve already got a backup in place (except possibly open that second beer).

As a Digital Marketing Manager I just need to know my campaign is going to turn into conversions. I don’t always have time (or the technical knowledge if I’m honest) to think about the whether the destination we’re sending potential customers to will stand up to the influx of traffic.

And that’s where CDNify can help you.

CDNify is a Startup I work for as CMO, founded by James Mulvany. The best way to describe james is an inventor. He’s the kind of person who understands how to take complicated things and make them easy to interact with. And thats what CDNify does. It takes something which is often frustrating to do and simplifies it.

If you’ve ever tried implementing a content delivery network (CDN) before, you’ll know its not the easiest thing to get your head around. The approach in the industry is ‘one size fits all’, which is a surefire way to leave yourself out of pocket and paying for services you don’t need. This is something we’re trying to change.

CDNify is a content delivery network that makes it incredibly easy to get a CDN up and running. It’s quick to get started and best of all, it takes your content and delivers it to your audience faster – which means you don’t have to worry about the complicated things and can focus on delivering an amazing campaign instead.

By using CDNify you can say goodbye to campaign traffic spikes knocking your site offline. Because we’re a ‘federated’ CDN we can spread your content across our cloud network, reducing load times and ensuring your site can stand up to traffic surges. This also makes it more affordable and means you only pay for the data you use.

The main benefit to being a federated is that we can hop between different cloud networks, allowing us to quickly deliver your content based on your audiences location. This provides a faster, more enjoyable experience for them and helps you maximise your campaign results by converting eyeballs into clicks.

We currently have 40 POPs worldwide and we’re growing this network all the time. We’re also working on a range of integrations to make your marketing efforts easier no matter what platform you are delivering that campaign on.

You can sign up for a two week free trial now over at www.cdnify.com and we’ll be on hand to help you get started.

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