Clipcentric: Rich Media and Video Ad Creative Management

Clipcentric Rich Media and Video Advertising Production

Clipcentric provides its users with a wide selection of tools and templates giving complete control over every step of the production process resulting in truly responsive cross-platform rich media ads. Ad teams can quickly design and develop dynamic HTML5 advertisements that run seamlessly in any environment.

  • Drag-and-Drop Workspace – Intuitively drag and drop ad components into device-specific workspaces for complete control, and where what you see is what you get.
  • Robust HTML5 Authoring – Produce sophisticated HTML5 animations using timelines and keyframes, complete with actions, hotspots, and interactions with other ad components.
  • Programmatic Creative – Control creative executions in-situ using client data rules specified during the ad build or as defined by real-time internal or external data feeds.
  • Complete Flexibility – Build any ad format, from basic templatized formats to IAB Rising Stars to your own out-of-the-box formats, and have confidence they are ready to serve responsively across all devices.

Formats include in-banner, expandable, floating, and wallpaper ads built for mobile, tablet, desktop, in-app, HTML5 and video platforms.

Clipcentric removes the cost and complexity barriers typically associated with rich media and video advertising production, allowing our clients to quickly produce dynamic and compelling rich display advertisements in-house, backed by robust trafficking and reporting tools.

VideoAd studio is equipped with a drag and drop timeline editor that provides users with the flexibility to control every aspect of a video ad. Upload video content and customize the ad with motion graphics, sound effects, and music. Create an ad from scratch using their database of video clips for small to medium businesses.
Clipcentric Video Ad Production

VideoAd Features

  • Clip-centric Timeline Editor -Fast and easy video production with an interface designed for ad building. Simply drag your content into the timeline and then fine-tune the look and feel.
  • Media Content Database – Access our library of video clips, music tracks, sound effects, and motion graphics to produce high production value videos without the production expense.
  • Flexible Output – Seamlessly incorporate your videos into your rich media ad builds, serve in-line to VAST compliant video players or traffic to television stations.