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5 Considerations When Selecting Cloud Storage To Maximise Collaboration And Productivity

The ability to store precious files such as photos, videos and music seamlessly in the cloud is an alluring prospect, particularly with the (relatively) paltry memory in mobile devices and the high cost of additional memory.

But what should you look for when choosing a cloud storage and file-sharing solution? Here, we break down the five things everyone should consider before deciding where to put their data.

  1. Control – Am I in control? One of the downsides to trusting your most precious memories to a third-party is that you lose control over where things are stored. It may not be something everybody considers, but data laws in the US differ greatly from Europe, for instance. Not only that, but the ability for cloud storage providers to harvest your information for commercial purposes can be an unknown and unwanted trade off.
  2. Security – Is my data secure? No cloud storage provider would flag themselves as vulnerable, but there have been many high-profile instances where big tech firms have fallen foul of cyber attacks. We lead the way in this field by operating to military grade standards. Further, we offer client-side encryption, which means the data is encrypted before it reaches our servers. Building on this theme of control, it means we cannot harvest your data for commercial gain.
  3. Cost – How much am I paying? One of initial attractions to cloud storage providers is the relatively cheap entry cost, particularly when split monthly. The trouble is how quickly users burn through this small amount of storage – and very quickly become reliant on the provider and pay ever-increasing amounts.
  4. Ease of Use – It is easy to use? Particularly for those making their first steps in the cloud storage market, there is the potential to get lost among the jargon. We pride ourselves on our ease of use whether via our app or on desktop. Simply put, we make it easy to share files with family, friends and colleagues.
  5. Data Recovery – Can I recover files? Sadly, cyber attacks are an ever-increasing threat, which puts files at risk of corruption. We offer users the ability to access previous versions of files, meaning that things such as ransomware need not destroy previous memories stored on the platform.

With local, national and even international lockdowns separating people like never before, the reliance on cloud storage and file-sharing platforms to keep people connected has never been greater. We believe that by looking at these key questions, consumers will have all they need to keep connected through the most challenging of times.

pCloud: Cloud Storage

pCloud provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use cloud storage solution for individuals and businesses alike. Our approach incorporates the technical point-of-view with the end user in mind. Other cloud services are either too technical and are not user-friendly, or they are not comprehensive enough for users to get everything they want out of cloud storage.

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Tunio Zafer

Tunio Zafer is the CEO of pCloud AG - the company that develops and provides the pCloud storage platform. He has over 18 years of management and marketing experience in the field of technology, and has participated in a number of successful business projects such as MTelekom,,, Mobile Innovations JSC and others. As a leader and manager of the cloud storage company, Tunio promotes innovation in areas such as security and cost-effectiveness to end users. Tunio encourages forward-thinking throughout his team, working to make a significant impact on the rapidly growing IT market, for individuals and business alike.

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