CloudCherry: A Complete Platform for Mapping Customer Journeys

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journeys aren't as simple as we'd like them to be. With a plethora of digital and traditional channels, our prospects shift and bounce between sources to find new products and services, then research and consider their purchase. That requires marketers to leverage multi-channel solutions to plot, measure, and optimize those journeys to increase sales, retention, and advocacy. One customer journey mapping tool out there is CloudCherry.

Customer journey mapping enables companies to deploy a strategy to:

  1. Identify the touchpoints perferred by your customers.
  2. Identify gaps in your current marketing efforts that will increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.
  3. Enable you to find alternative audiences to acquire.
  4. Build pro-active retention strategies to keep customers and increase their overall customer value.
  5. Find ways to harness your customer advocates to amplify your marketing efforts and increase overall sales.

CloudCherry's Customer Journey Mapping Features include the ability to:

  • Identify key touchpoints and stages – How do customers engage with your brand? Do the interactions mostly happen online? In addition to helping you identify the stages and touchpoints, we help you map them so that you have a solid end-to-end journey framework to begin with.
  • Map key metrics with touchpoints and stages – Are you looking to track Net Promoter Score at your store and Customer Effort Score at your contact center? Map these metrics to the touchpoints and stages so that you have complete clarity on what you're tracking at which point of the customer journey.
  • Execute Journey Analytics – Gain actionable insights at each stage of the journey with recommendations on customer likes and dislikes, how to improve loyalty metrics like NPS, and other crucial aspects of the customer experience. Leverage predictive insights to optimize journeys and prioritize investments across touchpoints.

CloudCherry offers deep insights on customer interactions and pain points along the journey. Businesses can leverage their analytics platform to identify and address gaps in customer experience across channels such as website, mobile apps, in-store, contact centers, and more, in order to create a smoother customer journey.

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