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In order for companies to generate demand and grow globally, they need to speak 12 languages to communicate with 80% of their target audiences. Since more than 50% of revenue for U.S. companies is coming from global customers, the $39+ billion content #localization and #translation industry is integral to driving customer engagement in global markets. However, companies that need to quickly translate their marketing materials and expand internationally are faced with a big challenge: their existing localization process is manual, time-consuming, inefficient, and hard to scale.

The Global Content Gap

Marketers create large volumes of marketing and sales content in the marketing automation, content marketing and Web CMS systems they use to deliver personalized experiences and campaigns to target audiences. To reach multilingual audiences globally, all that content needs to be localized for regional markets. However, translation service providers don’t use those systems, which results in an inefficient localization process. To meet go-to-market timelines, marketers have to make translation trade-offs: Due to time and budget restraints, they are only able to translate some assets for some markets, leaving opportunities for revenue on the table.

Cloudwords solves the global content gap.


Cloudwords is global marketing. As the Global Go-to-Market Hub, Cloudwords automates the localization workflow for all content across the enterprise to help companies launch multi-language global campaigns 3-4 times faster and at least 30% of the cost. Richard Harpham, CEO of Cloudwords

A true technology company built from the ground up, Cloudwords is the first cloud-based, translation automation platform designed to meet the needs of the customer. Cloudwords delivers seamless integration for more than 20 industry-leading marketing automation, content management, and Web CMS systems. These include Marketo, Adobe, Oracle, HubSpot, WordPress and Drupal, accelerating global marketing at scale, maximizing ROI of enterprise-wide global efforts, and significantly increasing demand generation and revenue.

Cloudwords Key Features

  • Real-time Analytics and Reports: Track spending, analyze process efficiencies, and measure quality and ROI on a global and regional level in real time.
  • Global Campaign Management: Jointly plan and execute global, regional, and local campaigns more strategically and quickly across departments, business units, and geographies. Create translation projects and track progress with powerful dashboards. Unify dispersed teams by centralizing communication and collaboration, and receive automated alerts and notifications.
  • Cloudwords OneReview: The industry’s leading collaborative in-context review and editing tool, OneReview’s advanced technological capabilities make it the easiest way to review and edit translated content.
  • Cloudwords OneTM: A centrally-hosted Translation Memory database stores a company’s already-translated words and phrase and keeps them updated within the database. Your translators have access to your company’s OneTM, saving time and money on translation costs, and keeping brand messaging consistent across multiple markets and multiple languages.

Cloudwords Customer Success Stories

Cloudwords is an integral partner in the localization process for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies worldwide, including CA Technologies, Palo Alto Networks, Hach, McDonald’s, Siemens, Marketo, Iron Mountain, Fitbit, Patagonia, and Blackboard.

Cloudwords solves a critical need for any customer doing marketing on a global scale. Richard Harpham, CEO of Cloudwords

Cloudwords Puts Marketo in Control of its Global Websites

Marketing automation platform Marketo is a great example of a Cloudwords customer delivering localized websites for global audiences in target regions. The Marketo team was able to speed turnaround times for localized content so its global sites were updated at the same time or within days of the U.S. site, versus weeks or months later.  Read the full case study.

Palo Alto Networks Reaches Global Audiences Faster with Cloudwords

Network and enterprise security company Palo Alto Networks wasn’t translating nearly as much content as necessary to keep up with their regional needs because they had a localization process that was labor intensive, costly and time-consuming. Cloudwords allows the team to easily manage localization projects, and the automated interface between Adobe Experience Manager and Cloudwords speeds translation turnaround time, enabling them to create and deliver more localized campaigns, more frequently, to drive demand and revenue worldwide. Read the full case study.

Discover Cloudwords

Headquartered in San Francisco, Cloudwords is backed by Storm Ventures and cloud computing visionaries such as Marc Benioff, founder of Email or visit for more information, and join the global conversation on Twitter @CloudwordsInc and on Facebook.

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