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10 Incredible Content Writing Tools for Amazing Marketing

It’s hard to find the right words to describe the power and omnipresence of content writing. Everybody needs quality content these days – from amateur bloggers to international corporations trying to promote their products and services.

According to the report, companies who blog receive 97% more links to their websites than their non- blogging counterparts. Another study reveals that featuring a blog as a key part of your website will give you a 434% better chance of being ranked highly on search engines.

But in order to become a successful author, you need to utilize state of the art apps and plugins. Digital assistants can help you to improve your writing, so keep reading to check out 10 incredible content writing tools for amazing marketing.

1. Blog Topic Generator

Finding a fresh content idea is not easy if you have to publish posts every week or even daily. That’s why HubSpot develop a Blog Topic Generator to assist authors in finding the perfect topic for their sites. The process is very simple: enter a keyword and the tool will show you several ideas.

For instance, we entered marketing and received the following suggestions:

  • Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality
  • Will marketing ever rule the world?
  • The next big thing in marketing
  • Marketing explained in less than 140 characters

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator FATJOE Blog Topic Generator

2. Keyword Tool

If you want to see how things work outside the Google’s Keyword Planner, we recommend you test thisKeyword Tool. The platform is able to generate over 700 longtail keyword suggestions for every search term.

This tool is not even asking you to create a special account, so you can use it completely free as many times as you need. What you can expect from Keyword Tool is to quickly identify the most common Google searches and find keywords that perfectly resonate with the needs of your target audience.

Keyword Tool

3. Coffitivity

Here comes one of our personal favorites, Coffitivity. This platform is designed for all of you free spirits out there who enjoy working out of the office but cannot afford it. Coffitivity recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better.

It offers a wide range of ambient sounds, from morning murmur and Café de Paris to lunchtime lounges and Brazil bistros. Coffitivity gives you a feeling of working in a cozy and chill out atmosphere, which is a genuine inspiration booster for many writers.


4. Stay Focusd

Procrastination is a killer of productivity, but there are ways to deal with this problem, too. Stay Focusd increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites. How does it work?

The plugin measures time you spend online and blocks all features as soon as allotted time has been used up. It forces procrastinators to concentrate on their jobs and helps them fulfill daily tasks and objectives. We publicly thank our fellow colleagues at Essay Writing Land for introducing us to this amazing tool!

Stay Focusd

5. 750 Words

Almost 500 thousand authors worldwide use 750 Words as a valuable writing assistant. This tool is made with one purpose alone – to help bloggers embrace a habit of writing on a daily basis. Just like its name suggests, the site encourages content creators to write at least 750 words (or three pages) each day. It doesn’t matter what you are writing about as long as you are doing it regularly. The goal is clear: daily writing will come to you automatically after a while.

750 Words

6. Rush My Essay

Writing blog posts is difficult, but writing high-level academic articles is even more challenging. This is why some authors use Rushmyessay, an agency that employs dozens of experienced writers in all fields of expertise.

Craig Fowler, a headhunter at UK Careers Booster, says that Rushmyessay mostly hires individuals with Master or PhD degrees who guarantee quick delivery and top-notch quality. What is even more impressive is that Rushmyessay offers clients a 24/7 customer support, so you can send a message or give them a call whenever you want.

Rush My Essay

7. Survey Monkey

The best posts are exciting and engaging, so they inspire users to take action by asking questions or leaving comments. If you want to make articles more interactive, you should use Survey Monkey. It’s a simple survey designer that allows you to craft and publish online opinion polls within minutes. That way, you can let your followers decide what is important and even use it as a source of inspiration for future blog posts.


8. Grammarly

Publishing articles without editing is never a good idea. You have to check every little piece of text to make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. However, this can be a daunting task if you want to do it manually, so we suggest you use Grammarly. A popular proofreading plugin can check all posts within seconds and highlight errors, intricate text, and many other details that make your content imperfect.


9. Ggrade Miners

If you don’t want a machine to proofread your posts, there is another easy solution. It comes in the form of GgradeMiners, writing and editing agency with dozens of skilled editors. You just need to give them a call and they will quickly assign you an account manager who takes over the case. Using this service, you can expect nothing less than perfection editing and style-wise.

Cgrade Miners

10. Cliché Finder

The last tool on our list is definitely one of the most interesting. Cliché Finder helps authors to polish their content by identifying and highlighting overused words or phrases. Most people don’t pay attention to this problem, but you would be surprised to see how many clichés are present in online writing. As a serious author, you don’t want to let this happen to you as well, so use Cliché Finder to eliminate the threat.

Cliché Finder


The best bloggers are not only smart and creative but also successful at using online writing apps and plugins. This helps authors to write faster and create better articles week after week, which is the basic precondition for becoming a top-level content designer.

We showed you the list of 10 incredible content writing tools that can help you improve your marketing activities. Make sure to check them out and write a comment if you have other interesting suggestions to share with us!

Disclosure: Martech Zone is using its affiliate link for Grammarly in this article.

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