Drip: What’s an Ecommerce Customer Relationship Manager (ECRM)?

Drip Ecommerce Customer Relationship Management ECRM Platform

An Ecommerce Customer Relationship Management platform creates better relationships between ecommerce stores and their customers for memorable experiences that’ll drive loyalty and revenue. ECRM packs more power than an Email Service Provider (ESP) and more customer-focus than a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

What’s an ECRM?

ECRMs empower online store owners to understand
every unique customer—their interests, purchases,
and behaviors—and deliver meaningful, personalized customer experiences at scale by using collected customer data across any integrated marketing channel.

ECRM is ideal for online businesses that want to dial-in on every one of their customers for the most personalized experience this side of the web. From startup to enterprise, ECRM is for brands that want the capabilities of ecommerce behemoths without breaking the bank or hiring a squadron of developers.

ECRM Features Include

  • Collect new leads and customers – Ecommerce CRM enables brands to collect email addresses on their websites with pop-up forms or through integrations with landing pages, Facebook ads, and more. Every email address unlocks a world of personalization possibilities.
  • Build emails made for selling – From an email builder to HTML to plain text, ECRM can handle whichever email format you need to reach your people and sell more. Easily add tempting product images, personalized content blocks, and more to make every email relevant and tailored to whoever receives it.
  • Robust segmentation and personalization –  Track more behaviors—like purchases made, LTV, brands bought, pages viewed, and more—for even more segmentation and personalization opportunities.

Ecommerce Segmentation with Drip

  • Make personalized, multi-channel customer journeys – Automated workflows incorporate all your integrations, from Facebook to direct mail and beyond, so brands can build full-bodied multi-channel campaigns that reach people with personalized messaging at the right place and time automatically.

Personalized Multichannel and Omnichannel Customer Journeys

  • Test, analyze, and optimize strategies – ECRM comes complete with revenue dashboards that show you revenue earned, average order value, revenue per person, and time to purchase for broadcasts, campaigns, and workflows. Then, use Split-Testing to see which customer experiences resonate more for continuous optimization and growth.


Drip is the world’s first ecommerce CRM (ECRM) bent on bringing online stores closer to their customers through more personalized experiences at scale.

ECRM tackles multi-channel marketing, including email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram to direct mail and beyond, while staying easy to stand up.

Drip Email Marketing Automation for ECRM

Drip integrates with Magento, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Thrivecart, WooCommerce, WPFusion, 1ShoppingCart, 3dcart, Coupon Carrier, E-Junkie, Fastspring, Fomo, Gumroad, Nanacast, Podia, SamCart, SendOwl, Zipify Pages, and virtually any other ecommerce platform through its Shopper Activity API.

With versatility and ease, Drip gives specialty brands an opportunity to differentiate, build customer trust and loyalty, and thrive instead of getting swallowed up by ecommerce giants.

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Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Drip.

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