5 Examples of Exit-Intent Pop-ups That Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

Discount Offer Exit Intent Pop-up

If you run a business, you know that revealing new and more effective ways of improving conversion rates is one of the most important tasks.

Maybe you don't see it that way at first, but exit-intent pop-ups can be the exact solution you are searching for.

Why is that so and how you should use them in your advance, you will find out in a second.

What Are Exit-Intent Pop-ups?

There are many different types of pop-up windows, but these are some of the most used ones:

  • Click pop-ups
  • Scroll pop-ups
  • Timed pop-ups
  • Entry pop-ups
  • Exit-intent pop-ups

Each one of them has its own advantages, but now we will explain why exit-intent pop-ups possess a really huge potential to get your business on a higher success level.

Exit-intent pop-ups are, as the name says itself, windows that appear when a visitor wants to exit the website.

Just before the visitor points to the button to close the browser tab or window, the exit pop-up window appears. It presents some irresistible offer that grabs visitor's attention and encourages him to take action.

These pop-ups function based on a smart exit-intent technology that recognizes exit intent and triggers a pop-up.

And why are they so important?

They are important because you can use them to prevent loosing the next potential buyer!

By showing some valuable offers, people can start changing their minds and actually fulfill the goal you set up.

Whether that offer is about some interesting news that they can get through your email campaign or discount for immediate purchase, you can try and convince people to accept it.

Of course, there are certain things that you have to implement such as:

  • Visually appealing design
  • Engaging copy
  • Cleverly placed offer
  • Including CTA (call-to-action) button

This may seem like a lot of stuff to think about, but we will show you a couple of best practices that you need to follow and use in accordance with your website and your business in general.

Let’s start!

Best practices of exit-intent pop-ups

In order to understand exit-intent pop-ups practices better, we will visualize them using appropriate examples from different successful websites.

Example 1: Offer valuable content

Offering valuable pieces of content is always a good idea. When you know your target group, you can prepare content that is interesting for them.

These could be:

  • Sheets
  • E-books
  • Guides
  • Courses
  • Webinars
  • Calendars
  • Templates

It would be much easier for you to create an irresistible offer after you well-researched the interests of people that you want to convert to buyers of your product or service.

For exchange, they would gladly leave their email contact because ”the price is really low”.

After you collect contacts and add them to your mailing list, you can spread brand awareness and get in touch with your future customers.

But don’t forget that you must fulfil the expectations, otherwise, your subscribers will end up disappointed and they will not return back.

Show them that trusting you was completely justified.

Here is an example from Coschedule:

Before You Go - Exit Intent Pop-up

  • Context: Coschedule sets up an exit pop-up window where visitors can collect some valuable content. As we can see, they also cleverly mentioned that they offer both a calendar and an e-book, and you only need to click on the Get it now button to receive them.
  • Design: Simple design, but with bright colours that attract attention. Pictures above the text are proof that content is waiting for them, that is, their confirmation.
  • Copy: In live communication, Before you go… really pushes people to stop and turn around before they actually go away, and that is wisely used in this exit-intent pop-up as well.
  • Offer: Offer seems inviting. Including the words plan and organize helps to associate the whole offer with better productivity and time effectiveness.

Example 2: Offer a Live Demo

A demo is a great way to get in contact with your visitors.

Maybe your platform seems too complicated and that is the reason why the visitor wants to exit your website.

If you offer a certain service, you will be able to explain much easier how it should be used, what are the benefits, and similar.

A live demo is an even better option because everything happens in real-time and potential buyers can see all the updates and news.

Look how Zendesk used this in their exit-intent pop-up window:

Product Demo Exit Intent Pop-up

  • Context: As Zendesk is a customer support ticket software, this pop-up is a great way to engage with their potential customers and start communication.
  • Design: The human element is included, which helps people to connect with your business.
  • Offer: A demo is a great offer because this platform promises a solution that will help you with running your business even better. And, most importantly, their promise starts fulfilling at the very moment, you start receiving help immediately.
  • Copy: This copy has a warm-hearted tone which is great for building stronger connections with customers. On another hand, if you have some pages that are under construction, you don’t need to wait to finish them in order to start getting customers and leads from it.

You can also put your popups on the coming soon pages and start fueling your sales funnel.

Example 3: Mention Free Shipping

Free shipping sounds like a magic phrase for someone who wants to make a purchase from you.

You should know that people don’t like to pay for any side costs. They would even rather pay more for something than pay extra money for shipping.

If you can't reduce shipping costs, it is better to include them in a basic price than to put it on your store separately.

However, if you are able to offer your customers free shipping, you should definitely do it. Your sales will start increasing in a very short time.

Here is an example from Brooklinen:

Free Shipping Ecommerce Exit Intent Popup

  • Context: Brooklinen is a company that sells sheets, so it’s not strange that we can see some comfortable bed sheets in an exit-intent pop-up.
  • Design: White background, black fonts. But, is it really that simple? Sheets in the background picture are definitely looking like that on purpose. They look like someone just got up from a cosy bed. It is like they are trying to entice us to buy these comfortable sheets, which is definitely tempting, especially if you already felt tired when this pop-up showed up.
  • Offer: Offer is certainly clear enough and it is highly effective.
  • Copy: No unnecessary words, clean and clear copy.

Example 4: Call people to subscribe for a newsletter

A newsletter is sort of valuable content, especially if you make a great one where people can actually be informed about important stuff and not feel like they are being pushed to buy something from you.

It allows you to stay connected with your customers.

Running newsletter campaigns means that you should be consistent in order for them to know exactly when to expect new information from you.

Here’s how GQ implemented this on their pop-up window:

Email Subscription Exit Intent Popup

  • Context: GQ is a men’s magazine that covers lifestyle, fashion, travels, and more.
  • Design: Again, the human element is included. A little bit of humour in the picture and the rest of the pop-up is pretty simple, which makes a great combination.
  • Offer: They offer tips and tricks that can help men to look their best, and the only thing they need to do is leave their contact.
  • Copy: The most important part is highlighted, so visitors don’t even need to read anything except text written in the biggest font, as it gives enough information.

Example 5: Offer a Discount

Discounts are always encouraging. When you add them to exit-intent pop-ups, they can have a huge impact on your revenue.

How high the discount will be, depends only on you. Even small incentives can significantly increase the number of sales.

Some stores offer discounts on a regular basis because it turned out to be a really powerful practice.

Even big and popular websites such as Revolve use offering discounts as a way of attracting visitors' attention.

Discount Offer Exit Intent Pop-up

  • Context: Revolve is a clothing website with a huge selection of products, so offering a discount can encourage people to buy more with the intention of actually saving money.
  • Design: We can see that adding the human element is a common practice as well. This pop-up has a classy design with a contrasting CTA button.
  • Offer: They offer a 10% discount and help you to save some time by choosing one of the three offered categories.
  • Copy: Direct addressing is a powerful way to attract customers' attention.

The Bottom Line

As you could see, there is plenty of ideas on how you can use exit-intent pop-ups to your advantage and build trust with your customers.

You can play with the design, copy, and include different offers that will grab the attention of your visitors and increase your conversions.

It is definitely a small effort in comparison with what this type of pop-up can do for your business.

Believe it or not, using it can be even simpler because today there are tools that can help you to create effective pop-ups in less than 5 minutes.

There are many tools such as Privy and its’ alternatives that will help you create your own website popups. With drag and drop editor and customization options, amazing pop-ups will be ready for implementation.

Use these practices when creating pop-ups and see which one converts the best in your case!

What do you think?

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