Rights Cloud: Automate Content Rights Clearance in Real-Time

Box Rights Cloud by Fadel

Earlier this year, it’s alleged that Chipotle took a photo of a Sacramento patron without their permission and then distributed it throughout their marketing collateral. The pending suit is for all of the company’s profits over a 9-year period… $2.2 billion.

It’s a situation that could have been avoided using technology that incorporated a process ensuring a release was signed and the photo was available for use and distribution… before it was distributed!

FADEL is introducing a new offering for brands and agencies to track rights of digital content they use to produce advertising and marketing material. Benefits include getting digital media assets faster to market with creative, saving time and money on the rights approval process and avoiding the cost of misuse.

Rights Cloud is designed to integrate into the most popular digital asset management and advertising platforms utilized at large to small sized agencies and brands, including Abode, OpenText, Box and Adstream.

Brand managers gain instant access to talent profiles including their agent relationship, assignments, characteristics and associated assets as well as agreements, releases, and usage terms. Creatives can quickly check the complete array of advertising production elements – from models, actors and photographers to music, images, and ads themselves – against contract terms to clear rights in real-time, all within their firm’s existing content management platform.

We are bringing all we have learned from our 14 years’ experience and innovation with rights management and technology to the advertising community with Rights Cloud. It can be quickly and easily integrated into existing advertising business processes and systems to lower costs, maximize investment and speed to market and mitigate the many risks that can arise from misuse of the multitude of assets and elements within ads.Tarek Fadel, FADEL’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Advertising campaigns rely on an expansive collection of digital assets to communicate the essence of the brand. Yet in an environment awash in content, a multitude of challenges can slow down a campaign and create risk for the business. Rights Cloud by FADEL is a simple and seamless solution that enables the advertiser to:

  • Accelerate ad production and distribution with at-a-glance confirmation of which assets—print, digital, video, and talent—can be used when, where and how.
  • Safeguard brands from noncompliant content use that can cost millions in penalties, campaign rework, and negative PR.
  • Cut costs with increased efficiencies and the ability to assess all creative inventory for optimum content reuse.
  • Galvanize brand equity with performance analytics that provide insight into content search and usage so you can amplify it across print, digital, broadcast and social channels.

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