Stock Keeping Unit

SKU is the acronym for Stock Keeping Unit.

A unique identifier that is assigned to a specific product to help track inventory and sales. A SKU can be a combination of letters, numbers, or symbols that represent a product’s attributes such as color, size, style, and packaging.

Each SKU is unique to a particular product and helps businesses keep track of inventory levels, sales, and profitability. When a product is sold, the SKU is used to identify the specific item that was sold, and the inventory is adjusted accordingly.

SKUs are commonly used by retailers, manufacturers, and distributors to manage their inventory and supply chains. They allow businesses to track the movement of products from production to retail, and to quickly identify and resolve any issues that arise with specific products.

SKUs can also be used to help with pricing and promotions, as businesses can track sales and profitability by SKU and adjust pricing and promotions accordingly. Overall, SKUs are an essential tool for businesses that need to track inventory and sales and want to optimize their supply chain operations.

  • Abbreviation: SKU

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