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Freshmarketer Conversion Rate Optimization Suite
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The amount of work that’s being put into digital properties and content that doesn’t actually drive any business is mind-boggling. It’s even frustrating on the services side of the industry where customers will insist on a project to launch a site, integration, or service… but then won’t invest in the time and energy to optimize the use of that platform.

Optimization is a key reason why companies often fail to realize their return on investment. As a service provider, we insist that optimization is part of the overall process. Without it, the company won’t succeed and then we’ll be held accountable… even if the client objects to optimization being a part of the overall project. We can’t turn down everyone, but we really do try!

Freshmarker’s Conversion Optimization Suite Features

Save your time and money by not juggling between tools. Everything you need to analyze, optimize, and personalize website is all in Freshmarketer.

  • Heatmaps – Visualize visitors’ activity on your website. Identify clicks, scrolls in real-time. Spot and fix broken links, distracting images, and poorly performing website elements.

Freshmarketer Heat Maps

  • Visitor Session Recording and Replay – Capture your website visitors’ experience and identify where they get stuck, which sections are widely preferred, and the ones that are neglected.

Freshmarketer Session Replay

  • Split Testing – Test multiple URLs, multiple variations to make complex design changes on your site, which can result in better conversions and increase your revenue.
  • A/B Testing – Validate website assumptions to identify better converting web pages. Create variations easily with the WYSIWYG editor and measure revenue goals.

Freshmarketer A/B Testing

  • Personalization – Customize experiences for your website visitors and gently nudge them to convert. Set up and run personalized experience without involving your tech team.

Freshmarketer Personalization Optimization

  • Form Analytics – Optimize your forms to generate more leads. Measure drop-offs, hesitation time, correction rate, and other metrics to optimize and convert more visitors into leads.

Freshmarketer Form Analysis

  • Funnel Analytics – Track visitor drop-offs on your multi-page website, and identify where exactly the conversion opportunity was missed.

Freshmarketer Funnel Analysis

  • Polls and Feedback – Keep your audience engaged and prevent them from exiting your site by triggering messages at the right time.

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Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Freshmarketer’s Conversion Optimization Suite.

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