Design Trends for 2019: Asymmetry, Jarring Colors, and Exaggerated Proportions

Graphic and Web Design Trends for 2019

We're working with a client that is moving up from medium-sized businesses to enterprise businesses and one of the key strategies is to graphically redesign their website – new fonts, new color scheme, new patterns, new graphic elements, and animation synchronized with user interaction. All of these visual indicators will assist a visitor that their site is focused on enterprise companies rather than smaller ones.

I believe a lot of design agencies miss the subtleties that may cause a visitor to exit a site and choose a competitor simply because the site doesn't “feel” right to them… it happens every day.

For the past five years, Coastal Creative has been researching and releasing great templates that highlight the changes that consumers and businesses are seeing when it comes to graphic design elements. They recently published their newest infographic for 2018 on design trends – and here are the highlights:

At a time when so many conventions are being flouted on the world stage, today’s design thinking and consumer tastes reflect the desire to find a sense of order and beauty amidst all the chaos. Coastal Creative

Last year, the 2018 design trends were:

  • Intersecting elements – fonts, shapes, and other graphics that are intersecting with one another.
  • Duotone – thanks to Spotify for advancing the trend, duotone images are in style. See: Photoshop Duotone Tutorial
  • Retro-Modern Illustrations – combining the new style illustrations with retro color schemes.
  • Patterned Backgrounds – tiled backgrounds that aren't too busy but accentuate the focus graphic.
  • Bright Colored Gradients – bright colors and textured gradient backgrounds.
  • Thoughtful Animations – subtle animations that reflect the intention of the subjects in the video.
  • Isometric Design – three-dimensional graphics drawn in two dimensions.
  • Split-Page Design – the juxtaposition of two or more representations of a  graphical object or imagery.

This year, the 2019 design trends from Coastal Creative are:

  • Brutalism – Brutalism rejects basic tenets of user-friendliness, readability, and good taste and instead revels in nostalgic HTML-elements like marquees and oversized cursors. With purposefully pixelated images and elements that layer like pop-up ads, brutalism can sometimes have the appearance of a website that didn’t load properly. This digital design trend has been embraced as a “glitch aesthetic.”
  • Complex Gradients – Gradients and duotone aren’t going anywhere in 2019. Gradients are breathing life into illustrations that would otherwise be flat and uninspired.
  • Abstract Geometry – Digital designers are stacking and overlapping geometric forms in playfully abstract ways to create sites that are simply delightful. This trend lets users’ imaginations run wild and can signal positivity, creativity, and openness.
  • Evolved Patterns – Bold and colorful tiled patterns are making a strong comeback, both as backgrounds and as fills for illustrations. The cluttered busyness of these patterns can be tempered against white backdrops or with other harmonizing elements.
  • Retro human illustrations – The latest trend in illustrating people uses exaggerated proportions and inhuman colors to create delightfully unrealistic figures. Whether the look is more cartoonish or cubist, creative interpretations of human figures will be popping up all over the web in 2019.
  • Isometric Illustration – Using realistic perspectives but impossible proportions, isometric illustration is proving to have great staying power in digital design.
  • Broken Grid Layouts – In 2019 designers are thinking outside of the box with broken grid website layouts that zig, zag, and overlap. If that sounds chaotic to you, it really isn’t. Though different elements may not be arranged symmetrically, the look is often anything but cluttered.
  • Modern Collage – Magazine and newspaper collages may be a thing of the past, but multimedia collages are only becoming more popular online.

Here's the entire infographic with examples of each design trend:

Graphic Design and Web Design Trends for 2019


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