Scary… The Average Halloween Fan Is Planning To Spend Over $100 This Year!

Halloween Shopping Statistics Infographic

For the first time ever, per-person spending for Halloween will top $100. This year, each of the top spending categories – candy, decorations, costumes, and greeting cards will see significant increases, not just over last year’s numbers, but also over 2019 spending numbers.

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Halloween Statistics Are UP!

Last year, less than half of us were interested in celebrating Halloween but this year spending is back up, and Halloween marketing is back on! Here’s a look at a few good Halloween stats:

  • The average Halloween fan is planning to spend $102.74, the first time ever that spending has exceeded $100.
  • 82 percent of US households with kids are planning to celebrate Halloween.
  • 96 percent of celebrants will be distributing candy for Trick-or-Treaters.
  • Halloween participants are using social media to be inspired, using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube to find costume and decoration ideas.
  • Hundreds of millions more will be spent per category since 2019, with the exception of costumes, which is returning to pre-pandemic numbers at $3.3 billion in total spending.

3 Tips To Boost Your Halloween Marketing

The folks at The Shelf also include some fantastic tips to maximize your Halloween marketing efforts:

  1. Focus on building brand awareness throughout your Halloween marketing strategies.
  2. Design and share personalized Holiday guides for your target audience.
  3. Look for and find some Halloween influencers to spread the word. Friendly contests with small cash prizes or really cool freebies would be a good way to boost your visibility when you’re looping in a little Halloween influencer marketing.

2021 Halloween Shopping Statistics Infographic

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