I Hate Bloggards


Seth has a post on his site that reminded me to write this.

I love blogging. But I hate bloggards. It’s a new term that I’ve penned for bloggers who are simply too lazy to blog – but would rather simply regurgitate another blog, sometimes word for word. It’s lazy and it’s pretty much stealing since hits may make only it to their page rather than the original blogger. Now, if you have an opposing or supporting statement that you wish to add to the conversation – that’s what Blogging is for! That’s the conversation in the blogosphere.

If you want to simply point readers of your blog to another blog, then use Google Reader and install their javascript to show the ‘starred’ articles (check out the sidebar on my home page). Those are links to articles that I think are important – but I decided I didn’t have anything to add to the conversation.

It’s so easy for a blogger to try to be like other bloggers, merely because there’s so much input available. Resist! – Seth Godin

The next level lower than the bloggards are the aggregators. These are sites that simply scrape your content and put it on their site. These scum-suckers are ridiculous. I think it’s nothing short of plagiarism. Sure – they have a link back to your page where you’ve posted, but they’ve already made money on your content. That’s theft, plain and simple.

If you folks know how we can fight this, please comment on this. I want it to stop!

Update: Copyblogger has identified a Bloggard. This was an error in a submission process as per the Telegraph site.
Update: Ajay D’Souza’s content stolen


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    Bloggards, I’ll have to remember that.

    I deal a lot with copyright and content theft issues in the blogging worlds, it is now one of my primary areas of focus.

    It’s a rather strange world though. Some sharing and regurgitation is expected but if one doesn’t add originality to it, there is usually an outcry. One is expected to build, not just repeat.

    Attribution, of course, is always a requirement.

    That’s just the scheme I’m seeing. Feel free to disagree.

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    I don’t know how possible it is to fight bloggards or spam aggregators.

    Aggregators can be stopped if you use .htaccess. However, these need to be done for every single aggregator.

    bloggards, I doubt, simply because they are lazy human beings with no respect stealing content of others! X(

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    Oh man, another great post 😀

    Recently, I found a site that was pretty much copying Problogger.net’s posts word for word. Then when I came back, he’d deleted it all, apologising for using a feed aggregator — then he went back to copying other sites again! Scum bastards =(

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    You say, “Itâ??s a new term that Iâ??ve penned …”

    But, alas, no!

    ‘Bloggard’ is a tradmark of Arthur Cronos, in use for many years. For the *original*, the *real*, and the *only* Adventures of Bloggard, visit bloggard.com and get the straight scoop.

    And as for these claims you have made, why, they must be vile slanders, calumnious aspersions, and egregious misrepresentations, no doubt. But I’m sure you meant it in a nice way.

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    I did mean it in the nicest way, Arthur! I’m so glad that:

    1. The term never went full-steam!
    2. You’re so nice about your trademark!

    If you are THE official Bloggard, I can assure you that I don’t hate you!

    PS: Where can I find a video of someone playing the Mobius Megatar?

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    Hmmm … bloggards ay?

    Well then blog aggregators must be … (drum roll) bloggators (fireworks, pandemonium, quick fade) !

    Hmmm, only seven posts for bloggator, not bad, not bad, getting original widdit

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