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InboxAware: Email Inbox Placement, Deliverability and Reputation Monitoring

Delivering email to the inbox continues to be a frustrating process for legitimate businesses as spammers continue to abuse and damage the industry. Because it’s so easy and inexpensive to send email, spammers can simply jump from service to service, or even script their own sends from server to server. Internet service providers (ISPs) have been forced to authenticate senders, build reputations on sending IP addresses and domains, as well as do checks at each email level to try and catch the culprits.

Unfortunately, through an abundance of caution, businesses often find themselves hung up in the algorithms and their emails are routed directly to the junk filter. When routed to the junk folder, the email was technically delivered and; as a result, companies are oblivious to the fact that their subscribers never received their message. While deliverability used to be directly attributed to the quality of your email service provider, deliverability is now dependent purely on algorithms.

Regardless of whether you’ve built your own service, are on a shared IP address, or a dedicated IP address… it’s critical to monitor your inbox placement. And, if you happen to be migrating to a new service provider and warming up an IP address, monitoring is absolutely a critical process to ensure your messages are being seen by your subscribers.

In order to properly monitor whether their email made it to the inbox rather than the junk folder, you must deploy seed lists of subscribers across ISPs. This enables email marketers to monitor inbox placement and then troubleshoot issues at the authentication level, the reputation level, or the email level to identify why their emails may be routed to junk folders.

InboxAware Deliverability Platform

InboxAware has all the key features required for monitoring your email inbox placement, reputation, and overall deliverability:

  • Email Reputation Monitoring – Get peace of mind with automated alerts and threshold monitoring. Set your acceptance thresholds and let us alert you when something looks wrong.
  • Seed List Testing – modeled after best practices used by emailing experts, InboxAware’s inbox placement monitoring enables email marketers to identify and overcome authentication filters and spam traps that can halt your emails before you hit send.
  • Deliverability Reporting – InboxAware provides users with a transparent and microscopic view of all their email data, that can be filtered and dissected without exporting into a read-only report.

InboxAware allows you to customize your own dashboard by choosing from multiple reporting widgets and arranging them with simple drag-and-drop functionality. Their wide arrange of interactive widgets monitor your email performance across multiple indicators.

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Douglas Karr

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