Proposal Software is Boosting Business

How Proposal Software Management is Boosting Business

Over the past couple of years, sales has drastically changed with the coming of the digital age. Specifically, how people are sending and receiving sales proposals has been enhanced with the development of online sales proposal management systems, like our client TinderBox. Why are these solutions better than simply writing up a sales proposal in Microsoft Word? Well, we made a whole infographic about it.

Productivity is greatly increased by using one of these solutions, as well as revenue. Cloud-based software has improved the workflow of the sales process, and in effect, the sales cycle is improved, too. Whether you’re a small business, sole proprietor, or a large enterprise corporation, these tools are going to save you time and money. But it also depends on how you use them as well.

Appealing to multiple senses is a great way to engage a prospect. In your proposal, you should use video, audio (if applicable), and imagery to grab the prospect’s attention. Branded proposals are a good tactic as well, but make sure it’s not too overwhelming. The proposal should be about how the prospect is going to see their needs met overall.

I’m curious – how do you currently send and create your proposals? Email? Word document? What is your biggest challenge with sales proposals?
How Proposal Management Software is Boosting Business Infographic

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