How to Use Twitter

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Before you scoff at this Infographic, just today I worked with a client who really needed a strategy in working with Twitter. I think this infographic provides some sound advice for folks with some great tips all over it. As for a business to business (B2B) strategy, I recommend two different strategies for my clients:

  1. First, I recommend they follow the leaders on Twitter in their industry, start up conversations with them, promote their tweets when the opportunity arises, and build a relationship with them online. Very few people can simply join Twitter and get enough followers to immediately profit from using it. For the rest of us, we need to be acknowledged by our peers and introduced to our peers’ networks. With almost 29k followers, it’s why I try to pay attention to promoting others! Someone did it when I only had a few!
  2. Second, I recommend that they follow their prospects. As you grow your prospect base on Twitter, there will be more and more opportunities to interact with them. You never know when a prospect is going to need your help on Twitter… be there when they ask!

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Thanks to the folks at Twiends for the great infographic!

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