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TestFlight: iOS Beta Testing and Live App Monitoring

We’ve got a great application for our blog in the making! We’ll tell you more about the incredible company building it when it gets released but we’re extremely excited. Built on a custom iOS platform that integrates with content management systems, our app is almost done. It’s beautiful and fast as heck!

One issue when developing an application like this is that distributing the beta app is quite a pain. You can’t put it in the app directory, so you either have to build your own custom installer, or utilize iTunes and manually install it where you wish to test.

Combine TestFlight and their APIs with a decent build server, and you’ve gone from FTP uploads, maintaining mailing lists, device provisioning lists, and complex installation instructions; to a click, typing up release notes, and all your testers can install the upgrade with another two taps. I’m happier than Double Rainbow Guy! Nevyn, Spotify

How TestFlight works

  • Set up TestFlight – Invite your testers, drop in the SDK and start uploading your builds.
  • Distribute your beta – Upload your builds and TestFlight takes care of the rest. Painless over-the-air distribution to your testers and distribution lists.
  • Analyze usage – Complete tracking of your build, from distribution to sessions, checkpoints and crashes.
  • Improve your app! Shorten your QA cycle. Get the data and feedback you need to iterate with more purpose and speed.

Tonight, the company developing the application had me install TestFlight. Within a few minutes, I was installing the Marketing Tech Blog application and testing it out. Now each time there’s a build, the developers simply make it accessible to me in TestFlight and away we go!

TestFlight recently released TestFlight LIVE

The TestFlight Live Real-Time Dashboard shows the number of visitors that are concurrently using your application. You can also report on how long users stay and how often they return. Using the TestFlight checkpoints and SDK, you can find out which parts of your app are most popular, and on which devices and OS’s.

Revenue tracking of financial data, sales, in-app purchases and ad revenues is also available. And, no more waiting to find out about crashes in your apps. If something’s breaking, TestFlight provides you with detailed, real-time symbolicated crash reports.

TestFlight Live works straight out of the box on your favorite touch devices. See how your apps are performing minute-to-minute, right on your mobile browser.

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