How Sales and Marketing Alignment Drives Better B2B Results on LinkedIn

Sales and Marketing Alignment

With the news of Facebook algorithm changes crushing the sharing of business data, I’ve just about given up on leveraging Facebook anymore for my B2B efforts – the exception being event marketing. I’ve also been ramping up my use of LinkedIn more and more for publishing content and I am seeing an uptick in the number of requests I’m getting for connections and engagements.

Because LinkedIn was honestly built with the purpose of business in mind, I’m not sure why I haven’t dedicated more time and effort there for me and my B2B clients. It’s absolutely a goal for me now!

LinkedIn recently published an infographic, How the LinkedIn Platform Boosts the Power of Sales-Marketing Alignment. The infographic provides a perfect digital scenario of how marketing and sales alignment can help drive more leads and conversions for a company.

  • When prospects see sponsored content on LinkedIn, they’re 25% more likely to open your brand’s inMail request
  • When prospects see more than 10 impressions of the sponsored content, they’re likelihood to respond is 1.38x greater than seeing it only once
  • Prospects nurtured by marketing on LinkedIn are 10 times more likely to accept a connection request from a sales team member

Through the years, we’ve continued to observe the companies with the best sales and marketing alignment are able to efficiently drive the most sales interest and conversions to a company. It’s why we research the content strategies of our clients so much. We want to produce content that enables the sale, not hinders it. This happens through listening to our sales teams about prospect objections, hurdles, challenges, and expectations.

When we produce content that’s valuable to the prospect, assists in their research of a solution, and engages the decision-maker – all while differentiating our client from the competition – we see great results. You will, too!

Want to get the full story on how LinkedIn powers superior sales and marketing alignment?

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LinkedIn Power of Sales and Marketing Alignment

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