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Extending the reach of your content is critical. Whether you’re attempting to grow your organic rankings by having your content referenced and linked to by high-authority sites, whether you’re attempting to expand your social reach to relevant audiences, or whether you’re trying to build authority in your industry by getting a mention from someone of influence… influencer marketing is a must.

Influencer marketing is broken down into two essential components

  1. Who are the influencers that have access to a large, engaged audience that you’re trying to get in front of?
  2. What is the unique and informational content that’s going to attract the attention of influencers?

Best practices for using influencers for different scenarios

The value of an influencer is similar to a media distribution strategy. Different influencers will be ideal for different marketing and business objectives. Below are a few objectives we’ve encountered and some best practices to utilize the right influencers

  • Public Relations – short of hiring an expensive PR agency, using Lumanu to identify journalists and bloggers who specialize in discussing news for your specific topic is critical for driving traffic at key milestones (e.g., new product feature, funding milestone, etc). By identifying potential journalists and handling the outreach, a company will be able to internalize that relationship versus relinquishing it to a PR firm. This will be invaluable in the long-run as they’ll be more likely to write about incremental features / announcements
  • Product and Feature Feedback – Influencers are experts and well-trusted by their audience, with a deep understanding of the space they cover. They make excellent sounding boards for new products, features, or even change-in-directions of existing products. We’ve seen huge brands make use of influencers when understanding the pros and cons of entering a new space. Influencers are often enthusiastic when offered the opportunity to give feedback on a new product or offering.
  • Content Creation – Leveraging an influencer to create content for your brand has the added benefit of having a built in audience that influencer can promote the content through. Whether it’s a product tutorial or competitive analysis, leveraging influencers for content creation guarantees your content will be high quality as well as seen by the right people. The trick is to find not only the most relevant influencer, but also one who has a history of creating the types of highly effective content you’re looking to create
  • Brand Mentions – By being on an influencer’s radar, a brand can increase their share of voice. We’ve seen the best way to build credibility for your brand and maintain it is to be constantly at the forefront of your target audience’s attention. It doesn’t matter if that audience is full of CTOs or your stay-at-home mom, brand exposure matters. Influencers naturally want to create engaging content, and if you can help them via interesting data or informational quotes — it will help you get in front of more people.

Lumanu is the first and only platform to build custom influencer and content graphs for each user, for each topic. This means hyper-relevant results that get better over time. Their goal is to take a brand’s input set of keywords and produce the best people across digital and social, and make the outreach & relationship building aspect as frictionless as possible.


Lumanu builds an influencer graph real-time based on a given topic. Based on our content centric approach, you’re guaranteed a list of influencers customized to your topic – that gets better and more in-depth over time.

Lumanu Influencer Graph

Influencers, social and engagement data, as well as their most relevant content are just a click away. The platform is built with the best-practice principle of looking at Influencer as the sum of their content + metrics, not just their Twitter bio. This allows for highly tailored outreach that’s been shown to be twice as effective than a cold outreach.

Lumanu Engagement Data

State of the art natural language processing (NLP) algorithms extract themes from popular content for your topic to give an idea of what are people engaging on. CPC and ad competition data gives an indication of how valuable that traffic is (higher CPC & Ad competition means influencers in that space are particularly valuable since audiences who are interested in these themes are valuable customers).

Lumanu Content Discovery

Companies of all sizes benefit greatly from not only identifying the most relevant influencers but also engaging in an ongoing basis to produce real business results.

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