Mailjet Launches A/X Testing with up to 10 Versions

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Unlike traditional A/B testing, Mailjet’s A/x testing lets users cross-compare up to 10 different versions of test emails sent based on a mix of up to four key variables: Email Subject Line, Sender Name, Reply to Name, and the email content. This feature allows companies to test the effectiveness of email before its sent to the larger group of recipients, and offers insight customers can use to manually or automatically select the most effective email version to send the remaining recipients on their target lists.

Mailjet’s Campaign Comparison feature gives customers the power to review up to 10 past campaigns side-by-side, so users can determine campaign results quicker than ever before and easily zero in on the most effective campaigns over each week, month or year.

The platform’s aggregation tool allows users to group similar campaigns together, like monthly sale messages or weekly newsletters, and gain in-depth insights on regularly scheduled or cyclical emails. Using these features together, clients will have all the information they need to make the smartest email decisions for their businesses, such as the best time of the year to schedule major announcements or plan the next big sale.

In addition to comparison features, Mailjet also supports segmentation (allows users to send different email versions to different contacts), personalization (tailors the email to each individual specific contact), and has added API updates for integration with content management systems, apps, websites and CRMs.

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