How to Channel Your Marketing Translation Spend to Benefit from the Ecommerce Boom


Ecommerce has been a rising trend over the past decade. And with the pandemic, more people are shopping online than ever. Ecommerce provides the perfect way to reach demographics all over the world from right behind a computer. Below, we’ll look at the importance of marketing translation services and how to use them to boost your eCommerce sales. 

Why it Pays to Use Professional Marketing Translation for Your International Marketing Strategy

Using a professional marketing translation service for your eCommerce activity can reap big rewards. Ofer Tirosh, CEO of language services provider Tomedes, gives advice about finding a professional company  and building it into your international marketing strategy in order to expand: 

If you don’t speak the language of the country in question, find a decent agency to work with – and do it fast! Involving an agency in your international marketing venture from the outset can make a significant difference to your chance of success. Whether you’re researching local customs, looking for information on preferred marketing techniques in your target market, or presenting information about your product, having someone on hand who speaks the language fluently is essential. A good translator who can handle everything from marketing information to website translation services can quickly become an invaluable part of your international marketing strategy.

Ofer Tirosh, CEO of Tomedes

Ecommerce is certainly exploding this year, with people forced to shop online while stores close or enforce social distancing. In Q2 2020, eCommerce sales in the US, for example, jumped to 16.1%, up from 11.8% in Q1.      

Read on to learn how to use marketing translation to help grow your eCommerce venture.

How to Market Your Ecommerce Site Using Marketing Translation

Marketing translation covers many types of digital marketing that can help you get the word out to the right demographics about your eCommerce website. Through marketing translation, you can make sure the following digital marketing efforts funnel people through to your eCommerce site. What are some examples of translation? Especially from a digital context, they include:

  • Social media posts
  • Digital ads, including display ads and social media ads 
  • Affiliate marketing posts
  • Video ads
  • Email marketing 

Marketing translation can also help with translating marketing materials for traditional advertising if that is something your company deems is worth investing in as you focus on marketing strategy efforts. Marketing translation can handle traditional print ads, brochures, sales letters, flyers, catalogues, and more.  

Content marketing is another way to channel your marketing translation spend into the eCommerce boom. It does not directly promote a specific product or service. Instead, it produces content that is informative or entertaining for the appropriate demographic. For instance, a pet supply eCommerce store might produce a blog post about the best ways to train a new puppy.  

Content marketing gets people involved with the brand and speaks to potential customers in a way that is helpful to them. Traditional marketing demands people buy, which is a turn-off to many of today’s internet users. Content marketing can be a solid part of any international marketing strategy

If you do choose to go with content marketing, translation services can make sure your helpful and entertaining content keeps its core messages and fits organically with the new language and culture.  

Marketing Translation and Your Ecommerce Site 

Marketing translation can also help with your eCommerce site itself. Making sure your site is translated andlocalized is an important part of an international business strategy. What is general translation? Translation makes sure the text itself reads well in the new language.  However, localization is also very important for an eCommerce experience. Localization can:

  • Update all symbols and formatting on the website, like currency symbols, address formats, and phone numbers
  • Make sure the layout fits in with local consumer expectations and with the new language
  • Update graphics like photos to match local cultural conventions 
  • Help the eCommerce site to match local regulations like privacy laws or cookie notices 
  • Keep the content on the website itself culturally sensitive 

A good marketing translation service can handle translation, localization, and even transcreation. It can showcase transcription and translation made easy for video content and can ensure all copy is aligned with the expectations of the target audience. 

All of these details combine to make a professional-looking eCommerce website. It’s common to find an eCommerce site that’s poorly translated or still has currency symbols in a foreign format. Those little elements make the website harder to use and make you wonder if you have stumbled upon a scam site. Make sure the eCommerce customer experience is a positive one for your customers with website localization. Localization is an essential part of the best international marketing strategies

How to Find Affordable Marketing Translation Services

Be sure to shop around between different translation agencies. You can find them by asking around your professional network or searching online.  

You can find local services by using terms like translation services near me, professional translation services UK or London translation agency. You might also look up the service by the language you need, using terms like marketing translation in Spanish, marketing translation in Chinese, or marketing translation in French.  

Make sure to prepare a list of questions for each service. How your contact answers those questions will tell you how knowledgeable they are and how personable they are to communicate with. You can ask about pricing, how they keep organized to stay on a deadline, what their translator credentials are, and what their experience with marketing translation is. 

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