Here’s How Adding Metaphors to Your Story Will Sell

metaphor selling

The most common metaphor we utilize when selling our services, explaining our process, and setting expectations with our prospects is discussing investing. Over and over, we hear from clients who state:

We tried [insert marketing strategy] and it didn't work.

How long did you try it? How well did you execute? What size investment did you make? Let's discuss your retirement fund… if you tried it for a month, didn't meet with a financial consultant, and invested a few hundred bucks, how well do you think you're going to retire?

The metaphor works well because professionals already understand how investments work – whether it's investing in stocks or just putting some funds aside in a 401k. It also sets a long-term expectation that we need to not get excited or disappointed at the highs and lows but instead focus on the long-term trending. Metaphors work!

What was once the imaginative art of poets is now an essential communication skill for anyone who needs to influence, sell, or persuade others.

This infographic from Anne Miller, a presentation and speech coach, walks you through all of the benefits, strategies and even examples of great metaphorical selling.

Using Metaphors to Communicate Sales More Effectively

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