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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complicated and ever-evolving field. Factors such as Google’s changing algorithms, new trends, and, most recently, the pandemic’s impact on how people search for products and services make nailing down one SEO strategy difficult. Businesses have had to increase their web presence significantly to stand out from the competition and the flooded field is a problem for marketers.

With so many SaaS solutions out there, it’s difficult to pick and choose which ones are worth it and which ones are burning a hole in your marketing pocket. Making the most out of your online marketing strategy — and its budget — is necessary to stay afloat. With so many metrics and different factors to take into account when marketing online, you might get lost in the data and overabundance of software preaching specific solutions. 

Moz Pro was built with multifunctionality, ease of use, and data quality in mind to help marketers sift through complicated SEO data and software to achieve more out of your web listings, websites, and budget.

Easy Access to Quality Data

Backlinks are an excellent determiner of your site’s authority. They show value and interaction and can help your website to rank higher on SERPs. A study conducted by Perficient recently concluded that Moz had the largest link data index, 90% more than the second largest. The tools you use can greatly affect your success in SEO, and the more data you have the better you can perform.

The more credible links there are pointing back to your site, the easier it is for customers to find it. Moz Pro effectively rates every site’s backlinks to your page and shows which to keep or toss out as spammy. 

It also diversifies the domains with your links, showing you more links from more domains rather than repeated links from one. This is a more powerful metric for SEO professionals as it gives a more accurate representation of your web presence. Plus, Moz’s proprietary metrics Domain Authority and Page Authority help to gauge the strength of any website or page and the likeliness to outrank others in the SERPs.

An All-in-One Solution

Moz Pro’s features are varied and wide-reaching. The interface, however, manages its many tasks through a simple, streamlined design.

Two clicks is all you need for basically any SEO-related data point you could ever want. On-page elements, HTTP status codes, link metrics, schema markup, keyword difficulty…it’s all only two clicks away!

Logan Ray, Digital Marketing Specialist at Beacon

The accessible tab design is meant to help every SEO and marketing specialist, regardless of experience. Tools such as Keyword Explorer work hand-in-hand with on-page optimization, showing how your pages rank among competitors and where you could boost your SERP rankings. 

You can find site auditing, keyword optimization, rankings, backlink analysis and more, all in one place. Having only one application for multiple problems pays for itself. Rather than using — thus buying — multiple applications to perform discrete functions, you can save time and money with a fully integrated, single solution.

Presenting Your Team’s Progress

Cluttered statistics and graphs might be helpful to veterans of SEO, but too much data is daunting to most. Keywords, Domain Authority, site crawling, and more — presenting SEO wins or losses to your company is stressful, even when non-SEO experts understand the terminology. Moz Pro works to declutter complicated data and make it easy to understand how your links and websites are performing against the competition.

Since your job as a marketer involves presenting your findings, research, and wins, Moz Pro includes its own custom report software.

The custom reports feature gives us the data we need to justify our projects and strategies…and brings significant transparency to our industry.

Jason Nurmi, a marketing manager at Zillow

With enhanced clarity, easily digestible charts, and other visual aids, Moz Pro’s custom reports function is likely to help communicate your goals and needs more effectively. 

Moz has been at the forefront of SEO throughout search engines’ multiple transformations. Veterans and newcomers alike will find their preferred functions through Moz Pro’s different packages and features while keeping up-to-date on the newest SEO trends and changes. 

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