How to Syndicate Your B2B Content to Generate Leads with NetLine Portal

Netline B2B Campaign Portal

NetLinePortal is a free B2B lead generation platform where agencies can create a content syndication campaign to drive awareness or capture leads.

The system provides two different offerings:

  • LeadFlow to generate leads, allowing you to syndicate your content, apply lead filters and scoring, run account-based marketing, add custom questions, set your budget and schedule, access campaign reports, and receive quality leads. Leads start at $9 per lead.
  • ContentFlow to drive brand awareness by syndicating your content and accessing campaign reports. This is free to all users.

NetLine operates the world’s largest B2B content syndication network, RevResponse, which enables them to connect your content with the right audiences. The network captures first-party data directly submitted by members completing their form to request your content.

Their publishing partners, like us, are actively engaged where they source new content specific to their audience’s interests, monitor performance, and analyze audience demographics with their proprietary Audience Intelligence Reports (AIR). And it’s not just any site that they accept, RevResponse has a 99% rejection rate for new publisher applications to join.

The approval process includes thorough vetting to ensure that all publishers meet strict community guidelines, providing advertisers with:

  • Real Content – Your content is in good company—published to the largest professional resource library of content on the web,, owned by NetLine. Their members can request your content and access it at any time from any device in their personal library.
  • Real Connections – When you operate the largest B2B content syndication network and capture real profiles directly from the professionals, you don’t need to go elsewhere – all leads are generated by their platform, with their publishers. Ask them where your lead came from and they’ll tell you – IP address, timestamp, and more – 100% transparency.
  • Real Engagement – Their B2B content syndication network and resource library support real user interactions where 125 million+ professionals are actively researching and consuming content on a monthly basis – that’s real intent. Actions are more than a page view, their actions include content requests, email confirmation, and content downloads with real-time lead fulfillment. 80% of published content requested is downloaded within three days.
  • Real Quality – Their proprietary data cleansing process is standardized across all campaigns protecting the quality of leads captured. The performance-based solution and their team of lead generation experts ensure that you will only pay for leads that meet your assigned campaign objectives – nothing less.
  • Real People – Their membership is comprised of thousands of professionals that have submitted a 15+ point professional profile to access their resource library, qualifying them as a highly engaged audience – No purchased or rented lists, period. 40 million+ pieces of content have been consumed by their members in their professional research journey with NetLine.
  • Real Security – The lead generation process is protected start to finish through their comprehensive security measures including continuous Qualys security vulnerability scans and SSL encryption.
  • Real Values – NetLine operates following five core values: innovation, teamwork, integrity, customer satisfaction, and accountability. Their advanced technology and massive scale are uniquely positioned to achieve the results marketers are looking for – they do not jeopardize their success by breaking the rules. NetLine honors CAN-SPAM, CASL, and the Do Not Call Registry.

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Disclosure: We are using our affiliate links in this post with NetlinePortal and RevResponse.

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