Site Testing leads to Conversion Happiness

website testing

Aside from testing for search, speed and social, there are critical components of a test site that your company should be working on to analyze how visitors are converted into customers. Elements in and on pages like call-to-action buttons, layouts, navigation, copy, promotions, offers, checkout process, product selection process and even security should be constantly tested to find issues and improve the performance of your landing page or ecommerce page.

Companies that are happy with their conversion rates do, on average, 40 percent more tests than those that are unhappy.

That’s an interesting statistic from the infographic from Monetate, Are You Running Enough Tests on Your Website?. I wonder if they’re happy simply because they understand, by testing, what to expect in conversion performance. Someone who doesn’t test simply wouldn’t know.

concurrent live tests

Along with these tests, I’d also recommend pagespeed testing. Speed is a huge factor in conversions and search. I love using Pingdom’s tool for testing page speeds.

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