Window Wars… Location, Location, Location

This is a picture of a Value City on US31 South close to where I live in Greenwood. Notice the drab digs… no windows, terrible color, all concrete brick… not very appealing. I apologize for the pictures, they are off of my phone.

Value City - Old Style

That is, until Ashley's Furniture moved in across the street. Very nice place – used to be a sports store. Ashley's has great prices and the store is simply amazing… including the Playstation consoles for your kids to play, the huge projection TV for the husband to play… and even a snack bar with free cookies and coffee.

Ashleys Furniture

So what is Value City to do? Well, they started by cutting out the corner of the store and redesigning it with spacious windows to see the stuff inside.

New building blocking the view

And then they make sure that some of those windows face Ashley's:

Value City windows facing Ashleys

But the piece de resistance? Oui. They actually sold a plot of land in the parking lot where a new building sits, that TOTALLY blocks the view of Ashley's from the main highway.

Value City Modifications

Wow. Now that's a retail war! I guess they weren't kidding when they said “Location, Location, Location!”. By the way, I think Ashley's may have rubbed it in a little with that HUGE #1 sign. 🙂

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