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PayPal Market Share Statistics And Its History of Dominating Online Payment Processing

While I’m a huge fan of Amazon, an Amazon Affiliate, and a Prime Addict, I also like PayPal. I have a great credit account with PayPal, get cash back on expenditures, and I can setup alternative payments for my PayPal Debit Card – very convenient for the business. Just today I was on Sweetwater and wanted to purchase some new headphones via PayPal. I honestly purchased them via Sweetwater because of their PayPal Credit integration. (I’d add that the folks at Sweetwater are absolutely amazing – I even received a phone call from my assigned sales engineer after the purchase congratulating me).

PayPal is an incredible option for e-commerce because it doesn’t require that your store record any of the credit card data. That’s a beautiful security feature. I’d add that there is a downside to PayPal, though, and that’s their system in dealing with challenged charges. I have a colleague who paid their bill, then challenged it, and without any notice – PayPal just pulled the money back out of the colleague’s bank account. What transpired next was a terrible back and forth between the two parties. Since he didn’t have a bullet-proof contract, he eventually lost despite having delivered the work.

PayPal Market Share

As of 2020, PayPal’s dominates online with over half of the market share. Here’s a breakdown of PayPal and its competitors:

Payment ProcessorNumber of SitesMarket Share
Stripe145,565 18.57% 
Amazon Pay29,305 3.74% 
Square Payments18,015 2.30% 
Braintree (Owned by PayPal)17,400 2.22% 
Stripe Checkout15,444 1.97% 
Authorize.net13,150 1.68% 
Afterpay11,267 1.44% 
Klarna9,388 1.20% 
Vanco Payment Solutions8,977 1.15% 
LawPay6,295 0.80% 
Affirm4,261 0.49% 
Worldpay3,518 0.45% 
Sezzle3,471 0.44% 
Source: Datanyze

Back to my point… PayPal isn’t simply a payment gateway anymore, it has its own ecosystem online. With 200 million active users, 16 million merchant accounts, and 1.7 billion transactions, #PayPal is the largest online payment system. There’s PayPal community that’s vibrant and both sells exclusively through PayPal and buys exclusively with PayPal. If you’re an e-commerce site, PayPal should surely be part of your payment options to capitalize on this community.

PayPal is a Revolutionary platform transformed the world of money service business. This infographic, The Success Story of The Biggest Online Payment System, takes a look at how Paypal made its way to the top of the online payments world and how it continues to grow bigger.

Here are some notable statistics on PayPal:

  • In 1999, PayPal was voted one of the year’s 10 worst business ideas
  • PayPal has 10% growth per annum compared to the industry average 3% growth
  • 18% of all e-commerce is processed by PayPal
  • On CyberMonday of 2015, Paypal hit a record 450 transactions per second
PayPal Statistics Infographic

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