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Enhance Your Google SERP Presence With These Rich Snippets

Companies spend a ton of time seeing if they’re ranking on search and developing amazing content and sites that drive conversions. But a key strategy often missed is how they can enhance their entry on a search engine result page. Whether you’re ranking or not only matters if the search user is compelled to actually click through.

While a great title, meta description, and permalink can improve those chances… adding rich snippets to your site can significantly drive click-through rates. Imagine, for instance, you search for a specific product online and a list of entries is there. If a brand half-way down the page includes an image, pricing, availability, or a review… you may be far more compelled to click that entry rather than the ones above.

A SERP is a landing page with intent to research or purchase. A key part of your organic search strategy should be to implement and enhance your visibility on those search result pages… and rich snippets are your means of doing so.

Google Rich Snippet Resources

You can refer to on how to fully implement rich snippets – that’s the standard that Google utilizes. There are three ways of including this data within your site, according to Google:

  • JSON-LD – JavaScript notation embedded in a <script> tag in the page head or body. The markup is not interleaved with the user-visible text, which makes nested data items easier to express, such as the Country of a PostalAddress of a MusicVenue of an Event. Also, Google can read JSON-LD data when it is dynamically injected into the page’s contents, such as by JavaScript code or embedded widgets in your content management system.
  • Microdata – An open-community HTML specification used to nest structured data within HTML content. Like RDFa, it uses HTML tag attributes to name the properties you want to expose as structured data. It is typically used in the page body, but can be used in the head.
  • RDFa – An HTML5 extension that supports linked data by introducing HTML tag attributes that correspond to the user-visible content that you want to describe for search engines. RDFa is commonly used in both the head and body sections of the HTML page.

Test Your Rich Snippets

Google Rich Snippets

Marketing Mojo provided this list of Google Rich Snippets in their infographic, 11 Ways to Use Google Rich Snippets to Enhance Your Search Results. Here’s a list of the rich snippets:

  • Reviews – can be used to display reviews and ratings for products or businesses in search results.
  • Recipes – can be used to display more details about a recipe, such as ingredients, cook time, or even calories.
  • People – information such as location, job title, and the company can be displayed in a search result for an individual person – including their nickname, photo, and social connections.
  • Business – details about a business or organization such as location, phone number, or even their logo.
  • Products – product pages can be marketed up to display information such as price, offers, product ratings, and availability.
  • Events – online events, concerts, festivals, conferences can provide more details including dates, locations, images, and ticket prices.
  • Music – artist information including their images, albums, and even an embedded audio file to listen to.
  • Video – a thumbnail and play button can be displayed, increasing click-through rates by 41%.
  • Apps – download and additional information on software platforms and mobile applications.
  • Breadcrumbs – provide a hierarchy of your website so that a search engine user can also interact upstream of a specific article to a category or subcategory.

If you really want to see an in-depth look at rich snippets – read 28 Google rich snippets you should know [guide + infographic]. Frantisek Vrab wrote an incredibly detailed guide with code specifics, previews, and other helpful information.

28 Google Rich Snippets You Should Know

One snippet that’s been deprecated is the author tag. It’s unfortunate (in my opinion) that Google removed this as I believe it provided people much better visibility on the articles they wrote across the web.

google rich snippets scaled

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