The Science of Visual Marketing

Science of Visual Marketing
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This month we’ve had 2 photo shoots with clients, a drone video, and a thought leadership video… all to customize our clients’ sites and content. Every time we swap out stock footage and video on customers’ sites and replace it with photos of their company, their staff, and their customers… it transforms the site and engagement and conversions increase.

It’s one of those subtle things that we don’t necessarily identify when we see a site, but it absolutely has an impact. And this infographic from Iscribblers details the 5 Scientific Reasons People are Wired to Respond to Visual Marketing.

  1. Our brain is made for visual processing – combining relevant images with text increases how much your audience remembers by 650 percent  Tweet This!
  2. Real photos capture attention – A real person’s photo generates 35% better results than a stock photo  Tweet This!
  3. Colors capture attention – visuals with color increase people’s willingness wot read a piece of content by 80%  Tweet This!
  4. Our brain loves to be stimulated – adding a picture increases recall up to 65% over hearing information  Tweet This!
  5. We can understand visual information in an instant – visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text  Tweet This!

So, in as much as you work on your wordsmithing, you’ll need to put just as much – if not more – effort into the visuals you’re sharing with your content. Here’s the full, detailed infographic:

The Science of Visual Marketing

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