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Look Up, Track and Improve Your Mobile App Ranking

It always amazes me how many more platforms and applications there are that I’ve never heard of even though we’re constantly listening for the latest. After learning about Bunndle, I shared the platform with our sponsors at Mindjet. They have 3 fantastic applications – Mindjet, Mindjet Tasks and Conspire – their incredible publication.

The CMO of Mindjet, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, let me know about SensorTower, a platform to help you track and optimize your mobile applications.

Sensor Tower has everything you need to monitor your application’s presence in the app stores, optimize keywords for your application, and help you monitory competitor’s rankings.


Sensor Tower features include:

  • Keyword Based App Ranking Tracking – track your ranking and performance for all the keywords that matter to your app.
  • Historical Ranking Data – detailed and accurate historical data on a per keyword basis. You can see and track your improvements and changes as you make changes to your app’s keywords.
  • Category Ranking Tracking – category rankings are great indicators of overall app success, and having detailed data about what your changes in prices or various promotions did to your app’s rankings is a strong competitive advantage. track your app’s performance across all categories you rank well for.
  • Optimize Keywords – the tool analyzes your keywords, preventing common yet costly mistakes of inefficient keywords can save you from wasting valuable space and potentially get you a lot of extra traffic.
  • Stay on top of Competitors – knowing who your competitors are and what they’re up to can be a difficult task to manage even for large teams. Figure out who your competitors are and what they’re up to so you don’t have to worry about being caught unaware.

Our Marketing for the MarTech Blog is ranked #1 for Marketing Blog apps and #23 for the term marketing in the app store for Marketing applications and continues to be downloaded regularly on a daily basis!


Sensor Tower automatically generates your most relevant competitors for you. With this data you can track your app’s performance among different keywords and compare your app to your competitors, all in one easy to use interface. And this is done on a keyword by keyword basis, so you can have accurate and detailed metrics about your app’s performance.

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The Competitive State of the eCommerce Marketplaces

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