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Jifflenow Event Marketing Automation Platform

A majority of large enterprises make substantial investments in corporate events, conferences, and briefing centers with the expectation to accelerate business growth. Over the years, the events industry has experimented with various models and methods to attribute value to these spends. The most track leads generated, social media impressions, and attendee surveys to understand the impact of events on brand awareness. However, meetings are a fundamental part of doing business. To succeed, businesses must conduct strategic B2B meetings in person. In fact, studies show that eight in ten executives prefer in-person meetingsto virtual meetings. Why? A face to face meeting creates trust, timely business decisions and fosters more complex strategic thinking opening the door to business deals and increased revenue. 

Events like trade shows and briefing center visits provide an opportunity for these strategic B2B meetings to take place. However, scheduling such meetings is often burdensome on all parties involved. Additionally, event marketers often struggle to show the value of these meetings and how they influence the sales pipeline and revenue generation. According to a recent survey, 73 percent of CEOs think that marketers lack business credibility. With marketing being often cost-driven, event marketers face a significant challenge to show return on investment to keep or increase their portion of the budget. 

Event planners are managing many events at any given time handling multiple schedules, dealing with back and forth emails and often times using a spreadsheet to manually input all of this information. To truly show value in all the hard work that marketers put into events, they need to find tools that help them organize, analyze data and in turn show ROI for each event.

Ravi Chalaka, CMO at Jifflenow

Moving away from spreadsheet-based management 

Meeting Automation Platform(MAP) is a category of software that automates workflows associated with pre-meeting planning, in-meeting management and post-meeting analysis and follow-up. Utilizing a MAP increases businesses chances of boosting the number and quality of strategic meetings. It is especially effective for enterprises that need to manage high volumes of strategic meetings at events, briefing centers, roadshows, sales meetings and training forums.

Compare this to the use of spreadsheet-based strategic meeting management. When marketers use spreadsheets to handle their strategic meetings, several problems arise for marketers and the participants of these meetings. 

  • Collaboration – Scheduling a meeting involves multiple stakeholders. Often times, circumstances change and updates must be provided to meeting participants to keep everyone on the same page. However, when using a spreadsheet, marketers lose sight of who is updating the spreadsheet or if all participants are using the same or correct spreadsheet.
  • Error-prone process
  • – As humans, we’re not perfect meaning that we’re prone to make mistakes. The same is true when entering data to a spreadsheet. These mistakes have the potential to cost companies millions of dollars.  
  • Meeting invitations – While calendars and spreadsheets are not the best tool for planning strategic meetings, they do provide a service in capturing large pools of static data and making calculations. Unfortunately, they are not equipped to do much else like managing and keeping track of scheduled meetings or making changes in meeting details.
  • Integrations – Event management is just one piece of the pie when it comes to the overall sales process. Marketers are often managing several tools at once to track recording event registrations, capturing data from badge scans, tracking meeting check-ins, accessing and entering data to and from the CRM and more. Spreadsheet-based systems make this process even more challenging as they are often unable to integrate with these platforms to create a seamless experience. 
  • Metrics and insights – Events, trade shows and briefing centers provide marketers with an assortment of information. Metrics like number of meeting invites accepted, average deal size, the number of meetings per deal closed, etc., are extremely useful when evaluating the success of campaigns and establishing ROI. 

Spreadsheets are no longer adequate in today’s world to manage a large volume of strategic meetings. 

The ability to automate the scheduling, management and analysis of strategic meetings increases the number of these interactions by 40% to 200% based on how efficiently customers adapt to the use of such technologies. Many Fortune 1000 companies have discovered that employing a Meeting Automation Platform (MAP) is a highly cost-effective solution that produces rapid returns within the first two events and within first few months of use at briefing centers.

Managing meetings and closing deals with Jifflenow

Jifflenow was created to provide marketers with a solution for B2B meeting planning, scheduling, management and analysis. Through its platform, users have access to two products including Jifflenow Event Meetings and Jifflenow Briefing Center impacting all three components of the strategic meetings workflow: pre-meeting, in-meeting and post-meeting. 

During the pre-meeting phase, scheduling and planning take place. This involves sending out invitations, booking a room and aligning calenders. There are a lot of logistics to manage, but it is important to not forget to define the goals of this meeting. During the in-meeting stage, management happens, checking attendees in, managing all the content needed, monitoring the availability of resources and tracking the progress of the meeting. Finally, after the meeting is over, analysis can take place. In this stage, it is crucial to measure, analyze metrics and estimate the revenue impact. All of these are crucial in achieving real business outcomes through strategic B2B meetings. 

“Marketers no longer have to rely on a spreadsheet-based management system that is offline, manual, error-prone, insecure and not scalable,” said Hari Shetty, CEO at Jifflenow. “Through Jifflenow’s Meeting Automation Platform, we’re extending a helping hand to marketers that eases the task for managing meetings so that they can focus on the other aspects of their job while ensuring that all meetings are seamless experiences for each customer.” 

Customer success with Jifflenow

One of Jifflenow’s clients includes a unified audio communications equipment company. During this article, we’ll reference this company as audio. Audio is used around the world by modern professionals, airline pilots, call center agents, music lovers and gamers. Being a global company, audio’s team faced several challenges including:

  • Booking and coordinating meetings at their briefing centers across the globe
  • Difficulty in getting executives and sales to buy-in for the program 

By utilizing Jifflenow Briefing Center, audio’s briefing center team gained back time by reducing the effort spent sending emails back-and-forth for managing requests, selecting presenters and gaining meeting details and confirmations. Additionally, audio’s corporate marketing team is now able to deliver context-driven conversations that deliver personalized customer experiences. Through the transformation provided by Jifflenow’s Meeting Automation Platform, the program has increased participation and support from the executive and sales teams. 

It’s been a breath of fresh air. I’ve been able to take a step back and focus on the things that really deserve my attention.

Senior Executive at Audio

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Companies that want to successfully manage event meetings, provide customers a seamless experience and generate revenue should consider utilizing Jifflenow’s Meeting Automation Platform, avoiding the risk and the opportunity costs that come from spreadsheet-based management. By rethinking the approach towards automation of strategic meetings across customer touchpoints, marketing professionals can attribute business growth to the investments and make them an indispensable part of marketing and sales programs. To learn more about how Jifflenow can help you better manage meetings at your next event or at your briefing center, visit jifflenow.com.

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