Should Sales Teams Blog?

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I happened to see a poll result from SellingPower and just about had a stroke when I saw the result. The question is Should Sales Teams Blog? Here are the results:

sellingpower results

Are you kidding me? 55.11% of companies forbid their sales people to blog? First of all… if that’s the case with a company I’m thinking of doing business with, that’s enough to change my mind. Here’s why:

  • Honesty – Inherently, this means that the salespeople can’t be trusted to communicate online. And if that’s the case, they probably aren’t communicating honestly offline.
  • Positioning – If there were a group of people within your organization built to blog, it’s your salespeople. Your sales staff understands the positioning of your product, your competition, your strengths, your weaknesses – and understands how to deal with negative feedback.
  • Audience – Your audience of your blog are the same prospects that your sales staff is communicating to on a daily basis!

Your blog is a salesperson. Prospects are visiting your blog looking for the same answers and the researching the same issues they would as when they called your salesperson on the phone. Forbidding them is absolutely ridiculous. If you can’t trust a salesperson to write a blog post, you shouldn’t trust them to talk to a prospect.

I’m not being unrealistic, am I? If your marketing team is crafting the message and pushing the brand, the next folks in line to close the deal are your salespeople. I’m not naive, I know there are somethings you don’t want a salesperson to say on your blog… like badmouthing competition or selling the next big feature that’s rolling out… but that just takes a bit of direction from your marketing communications team.

This is another great reason why the wall between sales and marketing needs to be broken down. Let’s get rid of CMOs and VPs of Sales and move to a Chief Revenue Officer where strategies are developed and deployed – and the people making the decisions are held accountable for the financial results.

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    To answer whether or not sales pros should be blog, my answer is inspired by Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally.” YES! YES! YES!

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