Please Don’t Respond to a Social Media Request This Way


One of my favorite mobile applications is Waze. It routes me away from traffic, helps me avoid hazards, and warns me of the police up ahead – saving me from speeding tickets if I happened to be day dreaming and drifting over the limit.

I was in the car the other day and decided to stop by a cigar shop to pick up a gift for a friend, but I wasn't sure which ones were nearby. The result wasn't too impressive… with a cigar shop 432 miles away listed as “around me”. So, I did what any good customer would do. I took a screenshot and shared it with Waze.

Unfortunately, this is the response I received:

To which I immediately responded:

The thread stopped there.

I'm not sure how many companies do this, but it needs to stop. If you provide a gateway to your company via social media to your customers, you should expect them to report issues that way, and you must people empowered to respond.

1 in 4 social media users complained via social media, and 63% expect assistance

I already took a few minutes out of the day because I cared about the quality of the app, I'm not going to navigate to another page, fill in a bunch of information, and wait for a response… I just wanted you to know your app was broken so that you could fix it.

A great response would have been Thanks @douglaskarr, I've reported the issue to our development team.

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    Totally agree. I’ve done this a few times, and I get the usual response of “can you fill out a bug report” or “can you email us at X” — And I have responded just like you did.

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