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You’re Doing It Wrong!

As marketers we are all fully aware of how hard it is to change people’s behavior. It is one of the hardest things that you can attempt to do. It’s why Google, for now, will enjoy continued search success, because people are accustomed to “Google it” when they need to find something on the web.

Picture 31.pngKnowing this, I am fascinated by the number of people I see on Twitter and blogs who are telling others that they are using Social Media wrong. What fascinates me even more is that these are the people who are either working as consultants or at agencies, whether it be PR, Marketing, or Social Media.

You want a secret on how to advance Social Media and help companies grow their business online? Stop telling people that they are doing it wrong and start telling people how they can do it better. No one wants to be told that they are wrong, they want to know how to better their business. It’s an easy way to grow your business and see better adoption of social media practices on the corporate level.

We are all learning how to use these tools, empower people and watch your business take off.

Chris Lucas

Chris is the Vice President of Business Development for Formstack. He manages many of Formstack's marketing efforts with a special interest in discovering how social and online marketing can help Formstack grow. Formstack is an online form-building tool that takes a lot of the headache out of collecting and managing data online.

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