Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty is the brand and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas and the founder of Viral Content Bee. Ann's search engine optimization career began in 2010. She is the former editor-in-chief of Search Engine Journal and contributor to prominent search and social blogs, including Small Business Trends and Mashable.
  • Content MarketingHow to get team participation in your corporate blogging strategy

    How to Include Your Team in Your Business Blogging Strategy

    One of the most common recommendations out there for organizations trying to create a steady stream of content is to look inward for contributions. After all, who knows your business better than the people who work at it every single day? And what could be more cost-effective than having the people you’re already paying transform into your own personal content…

  • Content MarketingShort Form Video Marketing Best Practices (TikTok, Reels, Shorts)

    Short-Form Video Marketing: TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Short Best Practices

    The short-form video format has been around for quite some time now, but the content format has gained so much popularity recently (largely thanks to TikTok), that it’s all many creators are doing to develop and monetize their channels. The key players in the short-form video format are TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.  Here’s everything you should know about…

  • Public RelationsHow to generate more backlinks using PR outreach

    Generate More Links: How to Improve Your PR Strategy

    With a new year approaching, you likely have a new PR plan full of targets and goals.  But is that plan full of the same old tactics, or are you trying to shift your media relations to embrace the new? The continued rise of content marketing, brand journalism, and storytelling alongside new platforms means this year will change the PR…

  • Sales EnablementB2B Lead Generation Sources

    Four Sources for Finding New B2B Sales

    There are at least four major sources at your disposal where you can focus your B2B sales efforts to increase your revenues. They are … Your existing customers Other people who you already know but that you don’t presently do business with People that others know but who you do not Folks that you presently have absolutely no connection to…

  • Content MarketingReputation: Email or Website Flagged as Malware or Dangerous

    Protecting Your Good Name: What to Do When Your Email or Website Is Flagged as “Dangerous”

    Was your website flagged for malware? As a social media marketer, you know the importance of your company’s reputation. You spend a lot of time working to build up and maintain a good name through Twitter, Facebook, and possibly your blog and website. You know that in the age of social media, direct engagement is key to building customer trust…

  • Analytics & TestingUsing Heatmaps to Optimize Landing Pages

    Four Ways to Use Heatmaps to Optimize Your Landing Page

    Landing page optimization is one of the most challenging tasks, simply because there are no rights or wrongs. What works for some websites may not work so well for you. There are too many variables: colors, images, different kinds of calls-to-action (CTAs), etc. You can never be sure what distracts your visitors and what draws their attention. There are all…

  • Advertising TechnologyHow Marketing Agencies Are Growing Their Businesses

    Three Ways Marketing Agencies Are Innovating and Growing Value With Their Clients

    Digital marketing is one of the fastest evolving industries out there. Driven by economical instability and fast-emerging technology, digital marketing is changing every year. Is your marketing agency keeping up with all those changes or are you providing the same service you did 10 years ago? Don’t get me wrong: It is perfectly ok to be good at one specific…

  • Marketing ToolsHow to Drive More Leads and Conversions from Social Media

    How To Drive More Traffic And Conversions From Social Media

    Social media is a great way to generate traffic and brand awareness but it is not so easy for instant conversions or lead generation. Inherently, social media platforms are tough for marketing because people use social media to get entertained and distracted from work. They may not be too willing to think about their business, even if they are decision-makers.…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingInstagram Influencer Marketing Platform

    Are You Doing Instagram Marketing Wrong? Focus on Authenticity!

    According to the network itself, Instagram has more than 1 billion active users at the moment, and that number will undoubtedly keep growing.  More than 71% of the Americans age 18 to 29 were using Instagram in 2021. For ages 30 to 49, 48% of Americans were using Instagram. In all, over 40% of Americans state that they’re using Instagram.…

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