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Chat bots are all the rage and for good reason. Automating responses and capturing qualification data will save your sales, social media, and customer service teams a ton of time and energy. Chat bots are every bit as good as the hype that's been preceding them. Customers may not even be aware that they're dealing with an intelligent response system – and may be happier in the quick turnaround of helpful, accurate information.

Sprout Social has released two bots, one for Twitter direct messages and another for Facebook Messaging. Evernote implemented a Twitter chatbot into their social customer care strategy and increased the number of customers helped via Direct Messages each month by 80%. If you want to check them out, @Evernote@Monarch@BloomsburyBooks and @GVCMortgage have deployed Twitter chat bots.

Sprout Social Bot Composer Page
Sprout Social Bot Builder

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Sprout Social Bot Configuration Page

Sprout Social Chat Bot Builder

Social chat bots enable a brand's customer support team to program a tree of Quick Replies to address consumer queries – no coding background required! Through this Bot Builder feature from Sprout, bots can be programmed to handoff the conversation to a human agent when initial info is gathered to expedite the process.

Sprout Social Bot Smart Inbox

Sprout Social Bot Smart Inbox

Sprout Social Bot

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Sprout Social's Twitter Direct Message Chat Bot

Sprout Social's Facebook Messenger Chat Bot

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