You Keep Using That Word “Creative”…

Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group published a study and infographic, Digital Marketing Dissonance, where 4 in 10 CIOs say their company lacks the support needed for digital marketing projects. While I don’t doubt that’s accurate, the study then breaks some of the data down into two buckets, IT executives and creative executives. I’m not sure that I believe there’s some kind of correlation between being an IT person or being a creative person.

How Risky is Your Tower of Tech?

What would the impact be if your tower of tech came tumbling to the ground? It’s an idea that hit me a few Saturdays ago as my kids were playing Jenga while I was working on a new presentation about why marketers should rethink their tech stacks. It hit me that tech stacks and Jenga towers actually have a lot in common. Jenga, of course, is played by piling up wooden blocks until the whole

What Marketers Can Learn from Dell’s IT Transformation Research?

Dell defines Information Technology Transformation as the process of enhancing information and communication technology so as to make human lives more efficient and better. IT transformation also centers on improving infrastructure so as to encourage efficiency in systems due to a reduction in the wastage of resources. I’ve been working with Mark Schaefer and his client, Dell Technologies, over the last few months to publish podcasts that provide insight into the people driving IT Transformation

The Future of Martech

The present and future of Marketing Technology was debated and captured at the inaugural Martech Conference in Boston. It was a sold-out event that brought together diverse thought leaders in the Martech world. In advance, I had the opportunity to connect with the conference chair, Scott Brinker, to discuss the industry’s evolution and how the role of Chief Marketing Technologist has become the must-have role within marketing organizations around the globe. In our conversation, Scott

More Data, More Challenges

Big Data. I’m not sure about you folks but most of our clients are drowning in it. While the piles of data continue to accumulate, we typically find that most our clients aren’t handling some of the fundamental marketing strategies necessary to acquire, retain and improve customer value. Not only that, they struggle with a huge disconnect between IT and marketing. Just yesterday, I had to speak to one of our clients’ IT team to