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  • Advertising TechnologyAdTech Predictions (Advertising Technology)

    2024 Predictions: What’s Changed In AdTech And How Will It Impact Advertising This Year?

    2024 is here, having brought new waves of anticipation and optimism about the state of AdTech. From the overwhelming impact of artificial intelligence (AI) to the brand wars with ad blockers – this past year was saturated with events. We’ve seen how trends emerged and died out, the power struggle between open web publishers and walled gardens, the incredible growth…

  • Advertising Technology
    What Is An API?

    What Is An API? And Other Acronyms: REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, WSDL

    When you utilize a browser, your browser makes requests from the client’s server, and the server sends back data that your browser assembles and displays a web page with. But what if you just wanted your server or web page to speak to another server? This would require you to program to an API. What Does API stand for? API…

  • Content MarketingCometChat API and SDK for Text, Voice, or Video Chat

    CometChat: A Text, Group Text, Voice, and Video Chat API and SDKs

    Whether you’re building a web application, Android app, or iOS app, enhancing your platform with the ability for your customers to chat with your internal team is an incredible way to improve customer experience and deepen engagement with your organization. CometChat enables developers to build a reliable and full-featured chat experience into any mobile or web app. Features include 1-to-1…

  • Analytics & TestingActionIQ - CDP

    ActionIQ: A Next Generation Customer Data Platform To Align People, Technology, And Processes

    If you’re an enterprise company where you have distributed data in multiple systems, a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is almost a necessity. Systems are often designed towards an internal corporate process or automation… not the ability to view activity or data across the customer journey. Before Customer Data Platforms hit the market, the resources necessary to integrate other platforms inhibited…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingAPI Selection Questions

    15 Questions You Should Ask About Their API Before Selecting A Platform

    A good friend and mentor wrote posed a question to me and I’d like to use my responses for this post. His questions were a little more focused on one industry (Email), so I’ve generalized my responses to all APIs. He asked what questions a company should ask a vendor about their API before making a selection. Why Do You…

  • Sales EnablementFreshchat Integrated Chat and Chatbot

    Freshchat: A Unified, Multilingual, Integrated Chat And Chatbot For Your Site

    Whether you’re driving leads to your site, engaging shoppers, or providing customer support… theirs an expectation nowadays that every website have an integrated chat capability. While that sounds simple, there’s a lot of complexity with chat… from manning the chat, putting up with spam, auto-responding, routing… it can be quite a headache. Most chat platforms are quite simple… just a…

  • Artificial Conversational Artificial Intelligence A Developer Platform for Conversational Intelligence

    A business’s most valuable assets are its conversations – both internal conversations amongst employees and external revenue generating conversations with customers. Symbl is a comprehensive suite of APIs that analyze natural human conversations.  It provides developers the ability to amplify these interactions and build extraordinary customer experiences in any channel – be it voice, video or text. Symbl is built on…

  • Content MarketingWebRTC Use Cases

    Real-Time Communications: What is WebRTC?

    Real-time communication is changing how companies are utilizing their web presence to proactively interact with prospects and customers. What is WebRTC? Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is a collection of communications protocols and APIs originally developed by Google that enable real-time voice and video communication over peer-to-peer connections. WebRTC allows web browsers to request real-time information from the browsers of other…

  • Analytics & TestingCleverTap Automate Engagement

    CleverTap: Mobile Marketing Analytics and Segmentation Platform

    CleverTap enables mobile marketers to analyze, segment, engage, and measure their mobile marketing efforts. The mobile marketing platform combines real-time customer insights, an advanced segmentation engine, and powerful engagement tools into one intelligent marketing platform, making it easy to collect, analyze, and act on customer insights in milliseconds. There are five parts of the CleverTap platform: Dashboard where you can…

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