How to Optimize Your Title Tags (With Examples)

Did you know that your page can have multiple titles depending on where you want them displayed? It’s true… here are four different titles that you can have for a single page in your content management system. Title Tag – the HTML that is displayed in your browser tab and is indexed and displayed in search results. Page Title – the title that you’ve given your page in your content management system to find it

6 Game-Changing SEO Tips: How These Businesses Grew Organic Traffic to 20,000+ Monthly Visitors

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), only those who have actually succeeded can shed light on what it actually takes to grow your website to tens of thousands of visitors per month. This proof of concept is the most powerful evidence of a brand’s ability to apply effective strategies and produce extraordinary content that will rank.  With so many self-proclaimed SEO experts, we wanted to compile a list of the most powerful strategies

3 Ways Organic Marketing Can Help You Make The Most Out Of Your Budget In 2022

Marketing budgets plummeted to a record low of 6% of company revenue in 2021, down from 11% in 2020. Gartner, The Annual CMO Spend Survey 2021 With expectations as high as ever, now is the time for marketers to optimize spending and stretch their dollars. As companies allocate fewer resources to marketing—but still demand a high return on ROI—it doesn’t come as a surprise that organic marketing spend is soaring in comparison to ad spend.

When To Research, Audit, and Disavow Backlinks To Improve Search Rankings

I’ve been working for two clients in two regions that perform the identical home service. Client A is an established business with about 40 years of experience in their region. Client B is newer with about 20 years of experience. We completed implementing a fully new site after doing a discovery for each of the clients that found some troubling organic search strategies from their respective agencies: Reviews – The agencies published hundreds of individual

Moz Pro: Making The Most Out of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complicated and ever-evolving field. Factors such as Google’s changing algorithms, new trends, and, most recently, the pandemic’s impact on how people search for products and services make nailing down one SEO strategy difficult. Businesses have had to increase their web presence significantly to stand out from the competition and the flooded field is a problem for marketers. With so many SaaS solutions out there, it’s difficult to pick and