Selz Plugin: Turn Blog Posts and Social Updates into Sales

Selz is a great advancement in ecommerce, providing a clean and simple user interface for selling items (physical or digital downloads) on social or through your site or blog. The embedding of their paltform is accomplished through a widget or purchase button. When pressed, the user is brought to a secure site and is able to download or order the product they requested. There’s no need for complex payment integration, installing secure certificates, or installing

The Future Will Include Microsoft

I don’t mention Microsoft enough at Martech Zone. It’s really not excusable since the company has a huge footprint already. In talking to the COO of LiquidSpace, Doug Marinaro, and last week speaking with Josh Waldo, Microsoft is really making some incredible moves in laying a foundation with the Small Business owner. This investment early in the lives of companies is one that will pay off huge for Microsoft in the future. Josh Waldo was