Talkable: Build, Track, Test, and Analyze Referral Programs for Ecommerce


According to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association reports that every day in the United States, there are approximately 2.4 billion brand-related conversations. According to Nielsen, 90% of people trust business recommendations from someone they know

Purchasing behavior has been socially influenced since the beginning of time. Long before social networks like Facebook and Twitter kept you in the virtual loop, your physical network was having an impact on what you bought and where you bought it from. In fact, word of mouth is the most powerful force in driving new business. This is because friends know what you want to buy, when you want to buy it, and how to sell it to you. Talkable

Talkable helps Ecommerce companies acquire new customers and increase sales

  • Build customizable Refer a Friend programs. The Talkable platform is completely flexible in terms of who the campaign targets, how it looks, who is rewarded, and how they are rewarded.
  • Track every site purchase and customer share to reward advocates and friends only when they meet your defined campaign criteria.
  • Test offers to maximize referral program performance. Brands must find the perfect balance between size of offer and number of sales generated. The platform also allows you to A/B test design, copy, and user flows.
  • Analyze every step of the funnel; from shares to clicks to site visits to purchases. Talkable provides referral data that you can trust.

Talkable Referral Dashboard

Talkable has one-click installation with Shopify, Magento, and Demandware. If you use a different e-commerce platform, Talkable has a documented API.

Need more information? Talkable has published a handbook on Referral Marketing called From Science to Purchase, with information on what referral marketing is, why it’s so effective, how much you should pay for referrals, and how to build a successful referral marketing strategy.

Download From Science to Purchase

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