The Wall Printer: A Vertical Printing Solution For Indoor or Outdoor Walls

The Wall Printer: Vertical Wall Printing

I have a friend of mine that designs and paints wall murals and does amazing work. While this art is an incredible investment that can transform a workspace or retail location, the ability to design and paint a precision graphic on a vertical space was largely left to decal installs or an artist’s rendition. New printing technology has emerged that will transform this, though… vertical wall printers.

The Wall Printer

The Wall Printer’s latest vertical printing technology allows for the electronic painting of large digital graphic files of photos, artwork, murals, or text signage onto virtually any interior or exterior surface. Their machines are designed to print on numerous surfaces including plaster, sheetrock, glass, steel, brick, concrete, vinyl, and wood.

In less than two years, The Wall Printer has already sold its machines to over 40 businesses throughout North and South America, and the UK. Vertical printers offer countless creative, practical, and fun uses that translate into real business opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs that adopt them.

Take a look at how some customers are using or plan to use the machines:

  • One recent Florida distributor, MiArte in Naples FL, after printing their first 5’x 8’ mural and posting photos to Facebook says, “We were astonished at the response. it’s as though people have been waiting for this opportunity.” One customer responded and contracted this Wall Printer to print two 8’ square murals on wallboard, which was then inserted into a ceiling, creating a tapestry-style mural.
  • A top D1 University’s sports department is looking to buy a TWP Machine to use on displays at football, basketball, and other sports venues and events, and on the athletic buildings’ walls, before major home games. 
  • Interior decorators have bought the machines to help with integrating displays of their clients’ personal hobbies or wall art needs in residential and commercial living and workspaces.

The Wall Printer Story

As serial entrepreneur Paul Baron was looking for the next big thing, he came across a new concept: vertical printing. It was an idea new to America but known for years throughout Asia, India, the Middle East, and Europe. The idea of painting indoor and outdoor murals inexpensively for artists and building owners appealed to him. To print on walls of any surface material, reliably and accurately, appealed to him.

After looking hard at the few manufacturers offering this innovative technology, in 2019 Paul finalized an agreement with the oldest and leading manufacturer in Asia. He chose them, he said, because the value and price point combined well with the quality of the design and assembly, and support to be able to scale to meet the needs of the North & South American markets.

Since then the company has sold distributorships in more than 20 markets and helped establish new businesses across mainland US and Canada, South America, The UK, and Puerto Rico. They are inviting new customers to learn about Wall Printing and the compelling business opportunity it represents.

The Wall Printer will be expanding throughout North and South America, the UK, and The Caribbean quickly over the next few years. As wall printing businesses grow, the company will support them with tangible solutions, inks, parts, outstanding service, and the marketing to expand their successful Wall Printing services locally.

While the technology behind vertical printing has been used internationally for some years it is now available to businesses throughout North and South America.

Paul Baron, CEO of Wall Printing USA

New ideas continue to emerge from their Wall Printers as customers request digital art on walls of every type, both indoors and outdoors.

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