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user testing provides fast and affordable web, desktop and mobile app testing in the market. The company gives marketers, product managers and UX designers, on-demand access to users in their target audience, who deliver audio, video and written feedback on websites or apps in less than one hour. Used by the top 10 web properties in the U.S., has run hundreds of thousands of usability tests.

How Works

User Testing now offers usability testing designed for large enterprises, complete with advanced targeting, expanded recruiting, live intercepts, moderated testing, quantitative metrics, and research and reporting services. has 15,000 customers (including Home Depot, Sears, Zappos, and Evernote) and 1M+ usability testers.

  • Advanced Targeting – With sophisticated demographic filters and customizable screeners, offers enterprises direct user feedback from their exact target market.
  • Expanded Recruiting – With access to over one million participants, enterprises can expand the reach of their recruiting. In addition, enterprises can recruit their own customers, or recruit visitors directly from their websites with live, moderated intercepts.
  • Moderated Testing – To ensure enterprises can effectively interact with their target market, connects them live with participants through remote moderated usability testing, remote focus groups, or 1-on-1 market research. even has expert moderators available on demand.
  • Research and Reporting Services – To ensure enterprises can offload their most time-consuming work, a dedicated account manager delivers a distilled, actionable report of insights with a highlight reel and bookmarked key findings in user videos. can also plan, write, and administer custom usability studies.
  • Quantitative Metrics – In addition to its robust qualitative user feedback, now offers quantitative data, comparative charts, and reports to drive key business decisions.

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