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vidREACH: A Video Email Platform Reimagining Prospecting

Lead generation is the major responsibility for marketing teams. They are focused on finding, engaging and converting a target audience into prospects that can become customers. It is vital for a business to create a marketing strategy that fuels lead generation.

In light of that, marketing professionals are always searching for new ways to stand out, especially in an often oversaturated world. Most B2B marketers turn to email, viewing it as the most effective distribution channel for demand generation. Because of its popularity, email can be extremely difficult to break through and get attention. However, you cannot ignore email. According to the Radicati Group, there are more than 6.69 billion email accounts. Statista projects the number of active email users will hit 4.4 billion by 2023.

The Role of Video 

Companies need a new way to reach prospects outside of traditional email outreach. Each prospect is unique, so your communication to them should be customized.

Video is a great method for sales and marketing teams to personalize outreach. It is becoming a crucial component of marketing. Seven out of 10 B2B buyers watch a video sometime during the buying process. Not to mention, nearly 80 percent of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product.

Your marketing outreach can stand out by sending prospects a customized video that outlines your value proposition in a creative and engaging way. The use of video helps build trust with and educate prospects. It fosters one-on-one relationships with prospects while growing your brand awareness.

Introducing vidREACH 

vidREACH is a video email and sales engagement platform that enables customers to reach prospects through combinations of video, email and SMS messaging. The platform offers personalized and automated video and email so that every interaction is personal and catered to each prospect. 

vidreach outreach

There are four major components to the vidREACH platform – video, workflow, integrations and analytics.

  1. Video – Video is a way to reach your audience where they are. Through the vidREACH platform, you can record video of yourself, record your screen, or even utilize managed services to have a video recorded for you. vidREACH allows you to deliver impactful, personalized videos.
  2. Workflow – Workflow allows your team to deliver the right message at the right time. Through this feature, you can personalize and automate lead generation, sales interactions, customer success communications and employee coaching processes. Your contacts automatically move through a scheduled workflow based on how they interacted with your outreach. This keeps follow-ups consistent and timely. 
  3. Integrations – It is key for your video to be able to work with the other tools and platforms you are using, specifically for outreach. vidREACH seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Gmail, as well as with popular platforms such as Salesforce, Facebook, Microsoft and LinkedIn. 
  4. Analytics – Knowing how your video email outreach is performing is important. vidREACH goes beyond link clicks and provides advanced analytics. You can measure video campaign and workflow performance and view customized reporting in real-time. Through these analytics, you can steer your outreach process and sales engagement based on what is working and what is not. 

Here are a few key features that vidREACH offers sales and marketing teams to help streamline the video email process: 

  • Email templates – You can create branded email templates with pre-approved messaging that your reps can send out to prospects at the click of a button.
  • Screen capture – From the vidREACH platform, you can record your screen and send custom demos to your prospects.
  • Real-time notifications – Users receive real-time notifications whenever someone interacts with an email or video they send. This helps ensure you are staying on top of responses and not missing out on prospects. 
  • Teleprompter – A script can be helpful when recording a video. vidREACH offers an in-app teleprompter so you don’t have to memorize the script or to simply keep you on track with what you want to say. 

vidREACH Results

Sales and marketing professionals across various industries can take advantage of vidREACH. Key verticals that have found success include hospitality, real estate, marketing, and entertainment. The use of video can exponentially boost open and click rates.

vidREACH users have seen a 232 percent increase in email open rates when using video for lead generation and a 93.7 percent increase in appointments with prospects as a result of outbound lead generation. vidREACH customers have created 433,000 videos, sent 215,000 emails and seen an 82 percent video play rate. 

If you want to stand out in the inbox and see a jump in email link clicks and qualified leads, try utilizing a video email platform in your outreach process. 

About vidREACH

vidREACH is a personalized video email and sales engagement platform that helps businesses engage their audiences, bring in more leads and close more deals. With a goal to help all teams reach their full potential, vidREACH provides full-scale lead generation strategies for customers looking to expand their reach beyond traditional methods.

Sean Gordon

Sean Gordon has an extensive track record recruiting, hiring, training, and unlocking the talent of people. Sean founded to revitalize and personalize communication through the power of video. Sean has created new lines of business, reinvigorated stagnant company cultures, and mentored hundreds of employees who have gone on to do great things.

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